About us

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by our blog.

We’re Lola and Jirapan, an Australian travel couple with a passion for photography and videography. We are currently traveling the world, capturing raw moments and experiences to create memories that we will never forget.

We both grew up in Sydney, Australia, surrounded by some of the most iconic landmarks in the world like Bondi Beach and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Growing up in Australia taught us to appreciate the beauty that the world has to offer, so we set out to see more of it.

For the past 2 years, we have been living on the road and sharing our experiences through Instagram and our blog. By sharing our journey, we hope to inspire some of you to head out into the world and chase your dreams, no matter what they are.

Our travels have allowed us to experience so many things we never thought we would and we’re so grateful for all the memories we’ve made on the road.

We also appreciate all the love and support we receive from you all, so thank you so much for being apart of our journey.

Happy travels! Lola & Jirapan