Aguinid Falls Oslob – A Guide To The 5 Unique Waterfall Levels

aguinid falls oslob - oslob waterfalls - lolapan travels

Aguinid Falls Oslob is one of the lesser known waterfalls in the area. There are 5 incredible levels to climb and you won’t be disappointed. Like most of the waterfalls in the Philippines, the water is beautiful and blue and very refreshing.

How to get to Aguinid Falls Oslob

Aguinid Falls is just over a one hour drive from Oslob. There aren’t many signs to direct you to the waterfall but if you put it into your GPS it will take you straight there and there are also locals that will tell you which way to walk from the carpark. The parking fee is 20 peso.

Where to stay

There are a variety of locations you can stay throughout Oslob. Almost all the accommodation is located along the coastline so you’ll never be far from the ocean. A popular area to stay is close to the Oslob Whale Shark Watching, which also isn’t too far from Tumalog Falls. Although there aren’t many restaurants in this area. A nice budget option in this area is Vangie’s Homestay. Another more expensive option a little further up the road is Oslob Seafari Resort.

Alternately you can also stay in Oslob town which is where we stayed. Casa Solmar Oslob is a popular option in town with nice rooms in a central location.

↠ Check availability: Oslob accommodation

Entrance fee

Entry into the waterfall costs 40 peso per person. Additionally, you will also need to tip your tour guide. There is currently no set price so you are free to pay them however much you think is suitable.

aguinid falls oslob - Oslob waterfalls - lolapan travels

What to expect at Aguinid Falls Oslob

Upon arrival, a Filipino lady told us all about the waterfall. She told us that they had only been operating for 3 years and that we will need a tour guide to show us around. It may sound strange needing a tour guide for a waterfall but Aguinid Falls is very unique and has many levels and steep rocks to climb up, making it a very fun experience. You’ll feel the spray of the water when you climb the different levels so be sure to bring a waterproof bag. Alternatively, you can also leave your belongings at the start.

aguinid falls oslob - oslob waterfalls - lolapan travels

There are 5 unique levels to explore, each with different things to do. At some you can swim, others you will climb up, and there are some that you can jump off into the water below. Climbing up the waterfalls isn’t slippery at all because of the limestone. It’s very sturdy and smooth so you can even do it barefoot. Level 5 is the most unique, with incredible tall limestone rock formations that you can climb behind and slide down.

aguinid falls oslob - oslob waterfalls - lolapan travels

Aguinid Falls Oslob was one of the most memorable and fun waterfall experiences we had in the Philippines. We definitely recommend checking out this waterfall. For another waterfall in Oslob, make sure you visit Tumalog Falls.

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