Amber Fort Of Jaipur – Beautiful And Vibrant Marble Palace

Amber Fort Of Jaipur - lolapan travels

The Amber Fort of Jaipur is an incredibly beautiful marble temple located in Amer. From the moment the gates open, this fort is full of tour groups and people riding elephants up along the fort walls. Within the fort you’ll find some of the most amazing detailed walkways and architecture.

How to get to the Amber Fort of Jaipur 

The easiest and most popular way to access Amber Fort is by rickshaw. It is roughly a 35 minute drive from Jaipur city. We arranged a day tour with our hotel for 600 Rupees ($12 AUD) which included a stop at Amber Fort for sunrise then to some other temples nearby.

Where to stay 

There are a variety of Jaipur accommodation options in many different areas and also ranging in price. Bani Park is the most popular area for tourists to stay in Jaipur. We decided to stay close to the train station at Nahar Singh Haveli and found it was away from the busy streets and in a nice quiet area which was perfect.

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Opening Hours 

The fort is open from 7am although the main area where the beautiful palace is located opens at 8am. It’s definitely best to get there right as it opens so you will have the whole place to yourself. After 20 minutes there were already large tour groups arriving.

Entrance fee 

It costs 500 Rupees ($10 AUD) for a foreigner and 100 Rupees ($2 AUD) for a foreign student.

Amber Fort Of Jaipur - lolapan travels

What to expect 

The Amber Fort of Jaipur has definitely been one of our favourite places in the city. Not only is the outside of the fort beautiful and golden in colour, but the inside is equally mesmerising.

Amber Fort Of Jaipur - lolapan travels

From the bottom to the entrance at the top, it’s roughly a 10 minute walk. The earlier you go, the easier the walk will be in the fresh morning air. On the walk up you’ll also be able to stop and admire the view and surrounding landscape. Many people choose to ride elephants from the bottom although we don’t support it.

Amber Fort Of Jaipur - lolapan travels

Once inside the fort, you’ll be able to wander around all the marble walkways and detailed structures. Our favourite part of the fort was the incredible palace entrance which has soft red and green coloured tiles spread along the whole structure. Once inside the palace, you’ll see a large green garden and many more smaller marble structures. There are local women around sweeping the grounds that are always happy to take a photo with you, however be aware that they’ll ask you for money.

Amber Fort Of Jaipur - lolapan travels

Amber Fort Of Jaipur - lolapan travels

If you plan on visiting the Amber Fort of Jaipur, be sure to head there as soon as it opens. We had the whole courtyard to ourselves for roughly 20 minutes before lots of tour groups arrived. Throughout the day, the fort is always busy and bustling with people exploring and taking photos.

Amber Fort Of Jaipur - lolapan travels

Be sure not to miss out on visiting this beautiful fort while in Jaipur! Don’t forget to check out Panna Meena Ka Kund Stepwell which is only a short drive away.

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