America Bay Track – Secret Swimming Holes And Waterfall Viewpoint

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America Bay Track is an easy short hike with some of the most stunning views you’ll find in Sydney. The America Bay Walking Track is located in the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park, just an hour drive north of Sydney. The hike will take you to the top of a waterfall where you’ll be rewarded with a scenic view overlooking the tranquil bay.

How to get to America Bay Walking Track

America Bay is located in the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park, roughly an hour drive north of Sydney. The start of the hike is off West Head Road. You’ll see signs indicating the America Bay Walking Track and a small parking area to the side. In summer it can get quite busy during the day, although in the cooler months you’ll be sure to find a park. The track is a dirt path that is easy to follow and it’ll lead you through some trees and vegetation. Most of the path is flat, but you’ll come across some uneven areas with rocks or tree roots sticking out so watch your step. It’s also a little downhill for majority of the hike but nothing too strenuous. The distance of the trail is only 2 km return and should take you roughly 10-15 minutes to walk.

Ku-Ring-Gai National Park Entry Fees

$12 per vehicle for the day.

What to Expect

america bay track - waterfall lookout - lolapan travels

At the end of the trail you’ll come across a red sign post with a small dirt path to the right. Follow the path to the right of the sign and you’ll come to a rocky waterfall area. The area opens up to an incredible view where you can see the river bend around various mountains. You’ll also be able to see the whole bay and beautiful national park landscape. For such a short and easy hike, this is definitely one of the best views in the area.

You can also head down to the edge of the waterfall where you’ll find a small rock pool. Take the side path to the right of you. There are no fences near the edge of the waterfall so make sure to stay safe. Take extra caution when checking out the area close to the edge. The small rock pool is perfect for a refreshing dip, especially in summer! In the warmer months you’ll also find lots of yachts and boats parked in the bay. We went just after a couple days of rain so the rock pool was quite full and super cold. It was still a great way to cool down from the hike and freshen up before heading back. The America Bay Track is one of our favourite trails in Ku-Ring-Gai National park as it’s so unique and spectacular.

Additional Things to See in the National Park

Before leaving Ku-Ring-Gai National Park, be sure to keep following West Head Road all the way to the end. The road will take you to West Head Lookout. There’s no walking involved with this one, so it’s a great addition to check out before leaving. The lookout gives you another spectacular view of the ocean and you’ll even able to see Palm Beach across the bay. There are plenty of benches and seating areas to relax and enjoy the view. We brought some lunch with us and found this spot to be perfect for a quick lunch break with a view.

west head lookout - lolapan travels

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