Angel’s Billabong Nusa Penida – A Natural Infinity Edge Pool

Angel's Billabong Nusa Penida - things to do in nusa penida

Angel’s Billabong is a natural gem located on the west of Nusa Penida. It is a must see if you plan on visiting the island. You’ll be amazed by the crystal clear water which flows off the edge of the natural infinity pool and into the ocean, while being surrounded by tall walls of rock and coral. When the tide isn’t rough, you’ll be able to relax over the edge of the infinity pool and listen to the sound of the ocean.

How to get to Angel’s Billabong Nusa Penida

The roads leading to Angel’s Billabong can be fairly dangerous. They are rough and rocky due to all the loose gravel. If you are a confident driver, you can rent a scooter for 70K IDR per day. This gives you the freedom to drive yourself to Angel’s Billabong and other popular attractions. Another popular option is to rent a driver for the day so that you can relax in the safety of a car with someone who is familiar with driving on the rough terrain.

Where to stay 

Most accommodation in Nusa Penida is located on the north of the island. There are a variety of accommodation types ranging from hostels to small beach front hotels. We stayed at the Jasmine Inn and found it was a good location although with limited food options. Semabu Hills Hotel is one of the nicer hotels in the area if you’re looking for a bit of luxury.

↠ Check availability: Nusa Penida accommodation.

Entrance Fee 

The entrance fee is 5K IDR. This also gives you access to Broken Beach which is located right next to Angel’s Billabong.

Angel's Billabong Nusa Penida

What to expect at Angel’s Billabong Nusa Penida 

From the carpark, walk 5 minutes and you will arrive at Angel’s Billabong. If you walk a further 5 minutes, you will come across another popular photography spot, Broken Beach.

Angel’s Billabong is a natural beauty which is hidden between large jagged rock walls that overlook the ocean. On a clear day, you’ll be able to capture incredible photographs from above. The water is so clear that you can see right through to the bottom of the rock pool floor and witness its unique textures.

Many people flock to this spot to swim up to the edge of the naturally formed infinity pool and gaze into the ocean. It’s best not to swim during high tide as the strong currents can pull you out into the ocean. Only swim if the sea is calm as an unexpected wave can sometimes hit, so always take caution. We visited late in the afternoon at around 4:30pm and found it was the perfect conditions for swimming.

Angel's Billabong Nusa Penida

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