Batu Payung Lombok – Giant Unique Rock Formation

batu payung lombok - lombok rock formation - lombok sunset - things to do on lombok

Batu Payung Lombok is a small stretch of rocky coastline which is best known for its giant rock formation that stands alone close to the shore. From certain angles, the outline of the rock looks like the profile of a face. The Batu Payung Lombok rock is a very popular spot to capture photos in front of due to its size and unique shape.

How to get to Batu Payung Lombok

We visited Batu Payung Lombok straight after visiting Pantai Tanjung Aan which took roughly 15 minutes. From the main area of Kuta it would have taken around 30 minutes.

The best way to get around Lombok is by renting a scooter. We rented our scooter for 50K IDR per day. Getting around the island is very easy as most of the roads are new. As you approach Batu Payung the roads become unpaved with bits of rock and loose gravel, but nothing too extreme.

Once you’ve parked your bike, walk along the right side of the coastline. You’ll have to walk over many slippery rocks so be sure to take it slow. The walk to the rock should only take about 10 minutes. Once you reach the bend at the very end of the coast, you will see the rock to the right.

Where to stay in Lombok

Lombok is a large island with a variety of areas to stay, although we found the best area for tourists to be Kuta. Kuta is full of restaurants, cafes and clothes shops. We stayed at Three V and it was perfect for our extended stay. The rooms were clean with a lovely patio for us to sit on. If you’re looking to stay in a beautiful villa, a new and modern accommodation option is Harmony Villas. It’s currently one of the most popular places to stay in Kuta.

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Best time to visit Batu Payung Lombok 

It’s best to visit this spot at low tide, otherwise you won’t be able to access the rock. We went at 5:30pm and found that the tide was very low so we had no issue.

Entrance fee

Entrance costs 5K IDR per vehicle.

batu payung lombok - lombok rock formation - lombok sunset

What to expect at Batu Payung Lombok 

Batu Payung Lombok is a super unique spot and is definitely worth visiting if you’re staying in Lombok. The size of the giant rock formation and its unique shape will amaze you. It’s a common spot for tourists and locals to visit and gaze upon the structure. At the moment it’s a very quiet spot as when we went there was no one else around. However this area is sure to become more and more busy with curious people who want to have a look at the structure.

Be sure to visit at low tide otherwise accessing the rock will be a challenge. At high tide you will have to walk up the hill and you’ll only be able to view it from a distance. If you visit at sunset, it’s a perfect spot to watch the sky erupt in colour. You’ll also notice plenty of local fishermen that are finishing up their last catch of the day.

batu payung lombok - lombok rock formation - lombok sunset

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