Beauchamp Falls – Victoria’s Best Hidden Waterfalls

beauchamp falls - best waterfalls in victoria - lolapan travels

Beauchamp Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Victoria as it’s hidden away in the national park with plenty of lush greenery surrounding it. We visited the falls on our road trip along the Great Ocean Road but it’s not too far from Melbourne either.

How to get to Beauchamp Falls Victoria 

Beauchamp Falls is located in Beech Forest which is in the Great Otway National Park. The drive from Melbourne will take you a little over 2 hours. However, this waterfall is the perfect stop when visiting the Great Ocean Road as you’re only 50 minutes away from the famous 12 Apostles.

From the Beauchamp Falls carpark, it’s a 30 minute walk along a fairly easy walking track.

Where to Stay

If you’re doing a road trip then you’re in luck as there is a campground right at the entrance to the waterfall. Beauchamp Falls Campsite features a large area for camping and it’s also dog friendly! It’s an ideal stopover between Apollo Bay and the 12 Apostles when you’re doing the Great Ocean Road trip.

Those that aren’t into camping can stay at Apollo Bay which hosts a variety of accommodation options. The Apollo Apartments and Dolphin Apartments are two luxury options with spacious living areas and great views of Apollo Bay.

↠ Check availability: Apollo Bay Accommodation

What to expect

The walk from the carpark will lead you through the dense jungle canopy. You’ll find massive trees covered in moss and plenty of fern trees lining the path. The air is refreshing so the 30-minute walk down isn’t too draining. The walking track has a slight decline most of the way down so getting back up will take a bit more effort. If you’re looking for another scenic walking track which leads you to a jungle waterfall, check out Olinda Falls in the Dandenong Ranges.

beauchamp falls - best waterfalls in victoria - lolapan travels

After a short hike, you’ll reach the 20-metre cascading waterfall that’s hidden away in the forest. Hundreds of ferns and moss surround the waterfall, making the area lush and tropical. Beauchamp Falls is definitely one of the more greener waterfalls we’ve been to in Australia. It’s lush and tropical vibe makes this spot one of the best waterfalls in Victoria.

You can keep following the path to reach the viewpoint or you can climb down the rocks to get to the water. The water is ice cold so be ready if you’re planing on taking a dip. There is also a small stream leading down into the forest with fern trees and mist covering it.

beauchamp falls - best waterfalls in victoria - lolapan travels

We loved Beauchamp Falls and couldn’t believe how tropical it felt with all the lush greenery. If you’re doing the Great Ocean Road trip, or are looking for a getaway, we definitely recommend checking this place out!

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