Benang Kelambu Waterfall Lombok – Insane Curtain Of Greenery

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Benang Kelambu Waterfall Lombok is a giant, luscious waterfall located in central Lombok. The waterfall is so unique as the water flows through a curtain of leaves which hangs off the side of the mountain. The insane and lush greenery make this waterfall even more mesmerising.

How to get to Benang Kelambu Waterfall Lombok 

We drove on our scooters from the main area of Kuta which took us just under 2 hours. We would have been there a lot sooner although the GPS, along with the half undeveloped island, lead us through some dead end roads and wrong turns. If you’re driving from Kuta, be sure to drive along the main road past the airport and from there continue on to the waterfall. The route which we took lead us through many small villages with unpaved roads.

The best way to get around Lombok is by renting a scooter. We rented our scooter for 50K IDR per day. Getting around the island is very easy as majority of the roads are newly paved. Some of the roads are unpaved with bits of rock and loose gravel, but nothing too extreme.

Where to stay in Lombok

Lombok is a large island with a variety of areas to stay, although we found the best area for tourists to be Kuta. Kuta is full of restaurants, cafes and clothes shops. We stayed at Three V and it was perfect for our extended stay. The rooms were clean with a lovely patio for us to sit on. If you’re looking to stay in a beautiful villa, a new and modern accommodation option is Harmony Villas. It’s currently one of the most popular places to stay in Kuta.

↠ Check availability: Kuta accommodation.

Entrance fee 

The pricing is a little confusing but they will try charge you 70k IDR for entrance into the park which consists of various waterfalls. They’ll say you need a guide and that the pricing changes based on how many of you there are.

In the end we managed to bargain the price down to 50K IDR per person to visit 2 waterfalls without a guide. For this price we were also able to drive ourselves on our scooters to the waterfall instead of walking. They generally charge you 35K IDR to drive your scooter to the waterfall on top of entry.

benang kelambu waterfall lombok - lombok waterfalls - lolapan travels

What to expect at Benang Kelambu Waterfall Lombok 

Benang Kelambu Waterfall Lombok is located among an eco park with 5 other waterfalls. You can visit Benang Stokel Waterfall right after you’re done at Kelambu Waterfall. You can either drive your bikes straight to the waterfall stairs or you can hike through along the trail.

Accessing the waterfall is super easy. If you drive your bike from the entrance gate/ticket booth, it’s just a 5 minute walk down some stairs. If you’re unable to drive then you’ll have to hike about 30 minutes to reach the waterfall. This waterfall is located not far from Benang Stokel Waterfall so you can visit that one straight after.

benang kelambu waterfall lombok - lombok waterfalls - lolapan travels

Benang Kelambu Waterfall Lombok is an incredibley eye catching waterfall. The lush green curtain of leaves enclose the waterfall, making a spectacular natural sight. There are two streams of water that flow out from beneath the plants. You can climb around the rocks to get closer to where the water shoots out from. The water feels so fresh and it even looks crystal clear.

Benang Kelambu Waterfall was definietly one of the easier waterfalls to shoot at. The spray from the falls is held back by the plants, giving you the perfect opportunity to capture amazing photos. We didn’t come across many other tourists or locals and basically had the place to ourselves.

benang kelambu waterfall lombok - lombok waterfalls - lolapan travels

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