Bendalong Beach Stingrays – How You Can Swim And Feed Stingrays in NSW

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The stingrays at Bendalong Beach are a favourite amongst the locals and travellers passing through. A short 3 hour drive from Sydney will let you get up close and personal with these stunning creatures. The stingrays are found at Bendalong Point, along Boat Harbour Beach. They are most commonly seen when the fishermen are around as the stingrays feed on the scraps they throw out. The surrounding beaches are also spectacular and pristine so there’s no reason not to add this to your next NSW road trip!

Where are the stingrays at Bendalong Beach?

The stingrays are actually located along the shore of Boat Harbour Beach at Bendalong Point. It is roughly a 3 hour drive from Sydney and only a 40 minute drive from Jervis/Huskisson if you’re already along the south coast. Once there, be sure to make your way to the boat ramp towards the right side of the beach as that is where the stingrays are most commonly seen.

Bendalong stingrays feeding time

The best time to see the stingrays are when they are feeding on the scraps that the fishermen throw out. When the fishermen return for the day, you can often see up to a dozen stingrays in the area. Another great and popular time that people feed the stingrays is in the early morning. This is when the water is at its calmest and when you’ll also typically find less people. You won’t see anywhere near as many as you would when the fishermen are around but you can feed them yourself. Apart from fish scraps, the stingrays also love to nibble on sardines so be sure to grab a few pilchards or sardines from any of the local stores in the area.

Is it safe to swim with stingrays

Although we did notice plenty of kids and adults getting up close to the stingrays, it is still advised to take caution when interacting with them. Stingrays only lash their tails in self defence when it feels threatened or is stepped on.

feeding stingrays in NSW - lolapan travels

What to expect

Visiting the stingrays at Bendalong Beach was one of the highlights from our NSW South Coast road trip. If you’re heading down south or just looking for a unique experience, definitely add the stingrays at Bendalong Beach to the list. The stingrays are super friendly and curious as they will often come right up to you and swim past your feet. They are often hanging around the shoreline near the boat ramp. With the stunning clear water, the massive stingrays are super easy to spot! It is such an incredible experience being able to get so close to them in their natural habitat.

Boat Harbour Beach itself feels secluded and is also incredibly pristine, with clear blue water. It’s the perfect spot to relax for the day and enjoy the water. The calm water also makes this spot ideal for some stand up paddle boarding, swimming and snorkelling. Additionally, there are some great fishing spots off the rocks if you’re more into fishing.

Once you’re ready to leave Boat Harbour Beach and the stingrays, be sure to also check out the other beaches in the area as they are just beautiful. Accommodation in the area includes the Caravan Park right beside the beach. There’s not a whole lot of options for food as it is a very small town so all you’ll find is a general store with some basic essentials and food.

Where to stay

Ulladulla and the Jervis Bay area are the two biggest and closest areas with plenty of accommodation options ranging from caravan parks, holiday houses, sea side retreats and motels. The Jervis Bay region is our top pick because of the endless stunning beaches, bustling beachside town centre and variety of delicious restaurants to try. Definitely stop past the Huskisson Hotel for some amazing food and drinks and an unbeatable view

CeeSpray on OwenLuxury: CeeSpray is a stunning bed and breakfast that offers a more modern style accommodation. The property also features a large shared common area, perfect for eating and cooking. The rooms have private bathrooms with some even including a spa bath. The location couldn’t be any better, only being a short walk from the shops and cafe’s on the main street.

The HuskissonMidrange: Located right in the town centre, The Huskisson offers stunning beachfront accommodation. It has a bar and an outdoor terrace, perfect for a meal from their delicious restaurant. There is also live entertainment most nights, making it a great place to unwind. Additionally, the staff are super friendly and very accommodating.

Jervis Bay Holiday ParkBudget: If you’re after a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, this holiday park is the perfect choice. With plenty of options available, ranging from budget rooms to beachside villas, there is something here for everyone. They offer a heated outdoor pool, BBQ area and children playground. Some villas even boast a balcony with stunning river views!

↠ Check availability: Jervis Bay accommodation

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