Best Bali Beaches – Our Top 12 Beaches In Bali Indonesia Guide

best bali beaches - best beaches in bali - melasti beach - lolapan travels

Bali is known for its many beaches, varying from black sand to good surf and also lesser known pristine beaches. In this blog we’ll give you our top 12 best Bali beaches!

Best Bali Beaches – Our Top 12 Beaches in Bali

1. Bingin Beach 

bingin beach - uluwatu beaches - best bali beaches - lolapan travels

Bingin Beach is one of the many beautiful Bali beaches located in the south. It is popular for its surf, unique rock formations, luxury villas as well as its restaurants that overlook the ocean. This beach is known to photographers for having large rock formations which look great in photos. The many beach front restaurants are also a great place to take photos or to watch the sunset.

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2. Pasut Beach

pasut beach - black sand beach in bali - best instagram spots in bali - lolapan travels - best bali beaches

Pasut Beach is the best black sand beach in Bali and is currently a hidden gem. This beach mainly consists of locals so you won’t find many tourists around. However, this black sand beach is definitely an up and coming hotspot. The best part about this black sand beach is that you’re allowed to drive your vehicle along the expansive coastline. Therefore you can drive your scooter all along the black sand.

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3. Melasti Beach

melasti beach - uluwatu beaches bali - best bali beaches - lolapan travels

Melasti Beach is located in the south of Bali and has some of the clearest blue water that you’ll find in Bali. This beach is also known for its incredible towering limestone cliffs which look amazing in photographs. This beach is a must if you’re looking to get away from the busy beaches and spend a day relaxing in the perfect water. Melasti is definitely our favourite beach in Bali and our top pick as one of the best Bali beaches.

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4. Balangan Beach

balangan beach bali - uluwatu beaches - best bali beaches - lolapan travels

Balangan Beach is located in the south of Bali and is an ideal spot for those looking to enjoy the sun, perfect sand as well as the surf. At Balangan Beach you’ll find some of the best water Bali has to offer. This beach is an ideal location for surfers and beachgoers that are after a chilled out vibe. A popular feature of Balangan Beach is its famous cliff viewpoint which gives you a panoramic view of the beach below.

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5. Tegal Wangi Beach

tegal wangi beach - uluwatu beaches bali - best bali beaches - lolapan travels

Tegal Wangi Beach is a new photography hotspot in Bali and is becoming very popular due to its gorgeous cave formation which is the perfect spot to catch a sunset photo. If you’re not into taking photos at the cave then you can relax on the perfect white sand. Additionally, there are some rock pools that become exposed as the tide goes out.

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6. Nyang Nyang Beach 

nyang nyang beach Bali - best bali beaches - lolapan travels

Nyang Nyang Beach is popular for its multiple shipwrecks which make for a perfect photo opportunity. This beach is also one of Bali’s quietest beaches. This is because of its location in the south and 30 minute walk down from the top of the cliff. This beach is great to visit if you’re after a quiet secluded beach. The beach used to be in pristine condition, although when we visited, the beach was full of rubbish and plastic. We’re unsure whether or not the rubbish is still there. If it isn’t, then it’s the perfect spot to relax on the sand and view the shipwrecks.

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7. Suluban Beach

suluban beach bali - lolapan travels - suluban beach bali - lolapan travels - Uluwatu beaches bali

Suluban is another beach which has crazy rock and cliff formations. What makes Suluban Beach so special is that it’s tucked away between large cliffs, which give the beach an incredibly unique vibe. When the tide is low, you’ll be able to walk outside of the enclosed cliffs and you’ll have plenty of sand to relax on. However, when the tide is high, you’ll be restricted to the small sandy area in between the cliffs. The water at this beach is incredibly clear and blue, so it’s the perfect spot to spend a hot day.

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8. Thomas Beach

thomas beach bali - lolapan travels

Thomas Beach is a quiet hidden gem and one of the lesser known Uluwatu beaches, but it’s equally as beautiful as the rest. As you make your way down the stairs onto the beach, you can stop and admire the beautiful coastline. You can even walk all the way along the beach to reach the large cliffs at the end. Once you arrive on the sand, you’ll notice plenty of nice cafes and restaurants all along the beach. It’s also very popular among surfers due to its great waves.

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9. Padang Padang Beach

padang padang beach- Uluwatu beaches bali - lolapan travels

Padang Padang Beach is one of the busiest Uluwatu Beaches as it’s one of Bali’s most famous surf spots. The beach regularly hosts international surfing events like the Rip Curl Cup. It’s definitely not a spot for beginner surfers as the waves break over shallow coral reefs. You can still enjoy the calm water by the shore and if you’re feeling hungry, there are local warungs on the beach that sell a variety of drinks and Indonesian food. You can also get a glimpse of the beach before heading down which can be useful to check the conditions. There is a road just beside the entrance that continues to a bridge that connects the two limestone cliffs.

10. Nusa Dua Beach

As the name suggests, Nusa Dua Beach is the main beach in Nusa Dua. It’s located in the beautiful garden complex that belongs to the Bali Tourism Development Centre. The garden complex is stunning and you’ll find everything you need like small shopping centres, restaurants and plenty of luxury resorts. Inside the garden complex is where you’ll find a few of the beaches, Nusa Dua beach being one of them.

Nusa Dua Beach is actually very well maintained and felt quite pristine. Many 5-star resorts are situated along the beach which is probably why it’s so clean. Unlike many of the other beaches around Bali, this beach has clean powdery sand instead of coarse sand made up of broken shells. The water close to the shore is also very calm, making it ideal for snorkelling and swimming. There are a few warungs close by to the parking area where you can grab a bite to eat or some snacks.

11. Geger Beach

Nusa Dua Beaches - geger beach - lolapan travels

Geger Beach is another one of our favourites in Nusa Dua. The beach is small but hidden away amongst the rocks. We found no one else around and were able to explore this unique beach to ourselves. There are 2 parts to Geger Beach. On the left side is where you’ll find the popular resorts and a long stretch of beach. The right side is more secluded and undiscovered which is where we decided to explore. There are some awesome caves and pathways leading through the rocks which make for some great photos.

When we visited, there was no one else around except a local fisherman. If you prefer a more open beach where you can relax for the day, you’ll want to head to the other side of Geger Beach. The left side is a lot more popular so you’ll find more tourists and locals around.

12. Pandawa Beach

Also located in Nusa Dua is Pandawa Beach which is set amongst the massive limestone cliffs.  The steep road leading down to the beach provides some impressive views from the cliffs. There are also a few lookout points where you can stop to take some pictures. Pandawa Beach is quite large and the water is insanely clear and calm which makes it the perfect spot for a refreshing swim. You’ll also see a bunch of people kayaking up and down the coast due to the calm conditions. Once you’ve finished swimming, there are also plenty of warungs that line the beach. You can enjoy a cheap lunch and some drinks by the ocean. Additionally, you can rent one of the many available beach chairs to lounge on for the rest of the day!

Where to stay in Bali

Most of the beautiful beaches in Bali are found in Uluwatu. It’s a popular area for surfers and beachgoers with plenty of cute cafes and stunning beachside villas. If you’re looking to check out some of the best Bali beaches, Uluwatu is the perfect place to base yourself. Here are a few different accommodation options for all types of travellers.

Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort – Luxury: This place offers a true 5-star experience with a beautiful infinity pool and a delicious buffet breakfast. The modern clean rooms come with a TV and even stunning terrace views. The friendly staff are sure to make your stay super relaxing and comfortable.

Dreamsea Bali – Midrange: Dreamsea Bali is a beachfront resort that offers its guests beautiful and comfortable rooms. If you’re after a beach getaway, this place is perfect. It’s located right on the beach and the rooms have incredible ocean views. Find yourself a hammock and relax while you watch the sun go down.

Bali Beats Guesthouse – Budget: This guesthouse has great backpacker vibes where you’re sure to meet other travellers. The property features a garden, free WiFi and a terrace. With friendly staff to help you out and even a free dinner, Bali Beats Guesthouse is perfect for any budget traveller.

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