Best Beaches Byron Bay – Top 5 Must Visit Beaches

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There are many beautiful beaches in Byron Bay which make this place so special. From quiet hidden gems to large stretches of sand, there is a beach that suits everyone. Keep reading to discover what we think are the best Byron Bay beaches!

Where to stay in Byron Bay

There are a variety of both cheap and expensive accommodation options in Byron Bay. Byron Bay Beach Hostel is a popular budget choice as it’s situated right by the main beach and in the middle of all the action. Waves Byron Bay is a new and trendy hotel located right across from Main Beach. It has large and super modern rooms so it’d be perfect for a few nights stay.

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Best Beaches Byron Bay

1. The Pass Byron Bay

the pass byron bay - lolapan travels - best beaches byron bay

The Pass is definitely at the top of our list for our best beaches Byron Bay. The laid back surf vibes combined with the beautiful sand and water make this beach so perfect. On a hot summers day this beach becomes super busy with people relaxing on the sand, as well as large amounts of surfers in the ocean. A well known feature of this beach is the viewing platform located to the right of the beach. From here you can watch the surfers up close and get a great vantage point of the beach.

For more details on The Pass Byron Bay, check out our full blog post here.

2. Main Beach

best beaches byron bay - lolapan travels - main beach

As you can tell by the name, Main Beach is the beach located in central Byron and is one of the easiest to access. It’s a long stretch of beautiful beach with tall green trees and blue water, right near plenty of restaurants and cafes. If you visit in the early morning you’ll also find many surfers going for their morning surf. Main Beach is an ideal place to go for a quick dip or spend the whole day. During low tide you can even swim out to the shipwreck which is located not too far from shore.

3. Wategos Beach

Wategos Beach is another beautiful and popular beach in the area which is slightly larger than The Pass. Similar to the other beaches in Byron Bay, this beach attracts many surfers as the waves are the perfect conditions. The beach also has perfect blue water and white sand. It’s super laid back and there is plenty of space close to the trees for you to get out of the sun. We spent most of our time relaxing to the right of the beach close to the rocks and cliffs because we found this area was the most quiet. You can even walk along the rocks when the tide is low and explore some of the coastline from the sand.

4. Little Wategos Beach

best beaches byron bay - lolapan travels - little Wategos Beach

Little Wategos Beach is right next door to Wategos Beach. This beach has beautiful water and clean sand so it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re doing the coastal walk. If you decide to stay for a swim, you’ll most likely have this gorgeous little spot all to yourself. During high tide you won’t find many people laying on the sand as the water covers most of the sand and only pebbles and rocks are left.

5. Tallows Beach

best beaches byron bay - lolapan travels - tallows beach

Tallows Beach is seperate from the other popular beaches in Byron Bay, which makes it very quiet compared to the rest. This giant stretch of beach is the perfect place to relax away from the crowds. Tallows Beach has incredible white sand and clear blue water, and is the perfect example of a classic Australian beach. There is not much else near the beach for food and drinks although it’s not a far drive into the main town of Byron Bay. If you’re looking for a nice relaxed spot to chill all to yourself, definitely check out Tallows Beach.

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