Best Beaches Fleurieu Peninsula – The Ultimate Guide!

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The Fleurieu Peninsula has some of the Best Beaches in South Australia. From secluded beaches which are hard to reach to beaches that stretch for miles, every beach you visit is sure to take your breath away. There is no shortage of beautiful beaches so be sure to follow this guide to the Best Beaches on the Fleurieu Peninsula!

Where to stay  

The Fleurieu Peninsula is a large area with a variety of accommodation options. The further down the peninsula you go, you’ll find less and less accommodation. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay close to supermarkets and shops, then you can try Aldinga Beach which is further north of the peninsula. Another big town on the peninsula is Victor Harbor which is located down south. Here you’ll find pretty much anything you need!

If you’re road tripping and looking for a campsite, we recommend Rapid Bay Campground. This campsite is probably one of the nicest we’ve stayed at since it is right on the beach. For us we found this spot to be perfect as it was close enough to all the best beaches. It costs $9 per person and you pay the ranger who comes around every night. There are also no big supermarkets nearby but there is a local grocer with some basic items.

↠ Check availability: Fleurieu Peninsula Accommodation

Best Beaches Fleurieu Peninsula – The Ultimate Guide!

1. Blowhole Beach

Blowhole Beach is one of Adelaide’s best kept secrets and was one of our favourite beaches in South Australia. The journey getting there is half the fun, and the beach itself is pristine. Amongst the beige rolling hills, you’ll find a beach with beautiful blue water and white sand. The bright blue colours of the ocean clash with the dry landscape, making an incredible and unique view. If you’re lucky enough to have a 4WD drive, you can follow the steep off-road track that leads you right down to the beach. Others will have to park about 2km back at Cobbler Hill car-park and walk along the hiking trail. Even though the beach can be tricky to reach, it’s worth every bit of effort!

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2. Port Willunga Beach Caves

Port Willunga Caves - lolapan travels - Best Beaches Fleurieu Peninsula

Port Willunga is a large, quiet stretch of beach which is most popular for its unique beach caves. The caves aren’t your usual natural formations. These caves were carved out of rock so fishermen could store their boats and rods in them. Infront of the Port Willunga Caves, you’ll also notice the remains of an old jetty. The jetty ruins add even more character to this already beautiful beach. You’ll often find families and locals going for a stroll on the beautiful beach. If you’re looking for a place to lay in the sun all day, you’re sure to be able to find a quiet spot to yourself. There’s definitely no shortage of room here!

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3. Second Valley Beach

Second Valley beach is another of our favourites and one of the Best Beaches on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Even though the beach here is quite small, you can explore the coastline to check out some breathtaking views! From the cliffs, you have a perfect vantage point of the incredible blue water. We were really blown away by how vibrant and blue the water was. The rocky cliffs are very dark so theres an awesome contrast between the ocean and the cliffs. After you’ve checked out the perfect cliff views, you can check out the grassy hills. These beige rolling hills have some awesome panoramic views of the whole area.

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4. Rapid Bay

Rapid Bay Camping - lolapan travels - Best Beaches Fleurieu Peninsula

Rapid Bay is a beautiful beach located between the surrounding farmland valleys and right next to Rapid Bay Campground. There are also plenty of things to explore at Rapid Bay. For those that love diving or snorkelling, Rapid Bay is paradise, with plenty of marine life and even shipwrecks. Additionally, there is also a large cave to explore located on the right of beach. Hiding amongst the massive black coastline is also a tiny paradise that not many others know about. If you continue along the rocky coastline next to the cave, you’ll eventually reach a small beach. This secluded spot was incredible and is the perfect place to get away from the crowds.

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5. Carrickalinga Beach

Carrickalinga Beach is another ideal spot to spend a hot day. All year round you’ll find locals taking their dogs for walks along the beach, or people just admiring the view. A unique feature of this beach is its small rocky pools. Although instead of the usual round rock pools, these ones are long and thin. In summer, the rocky pools are very popular with people who are looking to lay in some calm, refreshing water. However, we found our favourite part of this beach to be on the north end at Carrickalinga point lookout. Here you can park your car with a perfect vantage point of the beach below.

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6. Sellicks Beach

Sellicks Beach Fleurieu Peninsula - lolapan travels - Best Beaches Fleurieu Peninsula

Sellicks Beach is definitely in our top 3 and one of the best beaches on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Not only can you drive your car on this beach, but the coastline behind the beach looks like something from Mars. We checked out a viewing platform which gave us a perfect view of the insane hills. The orange rolling hills which meet the ocean had us lost for words and are sure to take your breath away. The beach stretches for miles so you’ll see nothing but the rolling landscape, white sand and blue water. The area is also incredibly peaceful with only a few houses nearby. This beach was like no other so you have to see it for yourself!

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7. Southport Beach

Southport Beach is the ideal place to watch a sunset on the Fleurieu Peninsula. The staircase leading down to Southport Beach is a popular spot to take some amazing photographs as the staircase winds around the coastline. As you walk down the stairs you’ll have a perfect view of the river mouth meeting the ocean. During low tide you’ll be able to see the sand banks and walk out onto them. When the tide is high, you might even see some surfers surfing in the river mouth due to the strong tides. As this beach is so close to Adelaide, it’s a popular spot in summer for people to enjoy a quick swim or to catch a few waves. It’s a very beautiful spot no matter what time of day so you have to check it out!

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8. Maslin Beach

lolapan travels - Best Beaches Fleurieu Peninsula - maslin beach - lolapan travels

Maslin Beach is a large and pretty beach which is surrounded by tall, unique cliff formations. It’s incredibly well maintained and is best known as Australias first legal nudist beach. You don’t have to worry if you don’t want to walk around nude as it’s only the southern end of the beach which has designated areas for nude bathing. The water at this beach is fairly calm so it’s perfect for a dip on a hot day. In summer it’s a very popular spot and the 3KM long beach also has enough room for everyone. If you want to check out the beach from a unique perspective, then you can explore the cliffs at Gull Rock which overlook the whole beach.

9. Gull Rock

Gull Rock is a popular spot among teens who come to enjoy the epic views and to try out the cliff jumping. It’s definitely not for the faint hearted and there have been reports of accidents, so it’s best to use common sense when checking out this spot. For anyone who wants to get an awesome view of Maslin Beach, this is the ideal place. The rocky orange cliffs also give you a panoramic view of the entire area and allow you to view the beach from a unique perspective. The water looks perfect and incredibly blue from here. You can park right next to the cliffs so this spot is definitely worth a quick visit.

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