Best Places To Visit In Delhi – 4 Things To Keep You Busy

Best Places To Visit In Delhi – 4 Things To Keep You Busy

Delhi is a crazy and chaotic city but within all the hustle and bustle you’ll find some unique and awesome things to do. This blog will go over the best places to visit in Delhi.

Where to stay 

The best area for tourists to stay in New Delhi is Paharganj. This place accommodates most to tourists so you’ll be able to find restaurants, cheap shopping and other backpackers. We had some difficult experiences with accommodation in Delhi, so be sure to read reviews before you book a place.

↠ Check availability: Paharganj accommodation

Best Places To Visit In Delhi

1. Old Delhi Spice Market Rooftop

Old Delhi Spice Market Rooftop - Khari Baoli - lolapan travels - Best Places To Visit In Delhi

The Old Delhi Spice Market Rooftop is one of the best places to visit in Delhi for the best views overlooking the city. Also known as Khari Baoli and Asias largest spice market, this place is crazy and chaotic from the moment the sun rises. Head to the rooftop bright and early to witness one of the best sunrises in the city! The morning glow over the city is a great way to start your day. Getting off the street to watch the hustle and bustle from a rooftop is really an awesome sight. It’s also a great insight into Indian culture.

For more information on the Old Delhi Spice Market, check out our full blog post here.

2. Ancient Stepwell

ancient stepwell in new delhi - Agrasen Ki Baoli - lolapan travels - Best Places To Visit In Delhi

The Ancient Stepwell (also known as Agrasen ki Baoli) is an incredibly unique stepwell located in the heart of the city. This supposedly haunted stepwell has become popular with tourists and photographers due to its incredible architecture. There are 3 tiers, each full of countless archways and cool architecture that look beautiful in photos. The stepwells are amazing to explore in person and are nothing like we’ve seen before. This place is also fairly quiet which makes it a good spot to get away from the busy streets.

For more details on The Ancient Stepwell, check out our full blog post here.

3. The Red Fort

Best Places To Visit In Delhi - red fort delhi - lolapan travels

The Red Fort is one of the largest attractions in Delhi. This massive fort lies in the heart of Old Delhi and its walls are impressive to look at. From the outside, the red detailed walls tower over you and look like a castle. They stretch all around the fort and look incredible.

When we visited, the inside of the fort was under construction and we found that it was more of a very large garden. There are a few interesting walkways and smaller red buildings although most of the fort is just open fields and roads. We found the most eye catching part of the fort to be the view from the outside of the incredible stone walls. It was quite expensive for a foreigner ticket so you wont miss much if you decide to admire from the outside instead. Tickets cost 600 rupees ($12 AUD) each for a foreigner.

4. Try a Local Lassi

Best Places To Visit In Delhi - lolapan travels

Once you’re comfortable enough to try out the local food stalls, be sure not to miss out on the ‘sweet lassi’. The local lassi’s are unlike any we have had before. They are incredibly cheap and will only cost you around 20 rupees ($0.40 AUD). The lassi’s are served in a red clay cup and are filled with bits of fresh curd. They are super delicious and also very thick and sweet!

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