Best Restaurants In Canggu – 12 Places You Have To Try!

best restaurants in canggu - peloton supershop - lolapan travels

Canggu is known for its insane food and is home to some of the best cafes and restaurants in Bali.  Down every lane you’re sure to find a new and cool place to eat. We’ve explored Canggu and found what we believe to be the absolute best restaurants you can find! Keep reading for our ultimate foodies guide.

Best Restaurants In Canggu

Crate Cafe

If you’re after a big breakfast deal, then Crate Cafe is the place for you! They have a large variety of western breakfast options, smoothie bowls, as well as plenty of filling salads for lunchtime. All the breakfast items on the menu cost 55K ($5.50 AUD) and it’s great value since the portion sizes are so big.

Funky Pancakes

The name of this place really says it all. Funky pancakes is the perfect place to fill that sugar craving with a large stack of delicious pancakes. If you’re after something savoury, they’ve also got amazing breakfast pancakes which are served with eggs and avocado.

Peloton Supershop

This plant based restaurant is easily one of the best options for healthy food in Canggu. The large variety of creative veggie options and visually appealing bowls are sure to make your choice difficult when deciding what to eat. Delicious dishes like the Ms. Jackson jackfruit tacos make you forget that you’re not eating meat.


Copenhagen is a super cosy danish cafe known for its traditional nordic style breakfast as well as their freshly baked goods. The way you order is really unique as you tick each item on the menu that you’d like in your breakfast. You also can’t visit here without trying their incredible cinnamon buns.

Satu Satu

best restaurants in canggu - satu satu - lolapan travels

Satu Satu is one of the busiest cafes in Berawa, and for good reason. They have amazing breakfast and lunch options for a reasonable price. Additionally, you’ll often find many people working on their laptops and enjoying the very popular coffee.

Lolas Shakin All Day

If you’re looking for some of the best shakes with the cutest pink cafe decor, then check out Lolas Shakin All Day. This adorable colourful cafe is known for their delicious shakes, affordable breakfast options as well as their obsession with the colour pink. You definitely won’t miss it!


Cocomo is an incredibly cute and colourful cafe with delicious breakfast options. No matter what you get, you’re sure to enjoy their meals which are full of flavour and also very filling. Another thing we loved about Cocomo was the vibrant tropical decor and uplifting quote on the wall.

Warung Bu Mi

Traveling Southeast Asia On A Budget - food

Warung Bu Mi is one of the best restaurants in Canggu that serves delicious Indonesian food and all for a very affordable price. This restaurant is our go to when we are super hungry and want to load up our plate. A full plate without meat will cost you around 30K IDR ($3 AUD).

La Pan Nam

best restaurants in canggu - la pan nam - lolapan travels

La Pan Nam is another great restaurant that delivers delicious food at an affordable price. Majority of the dishes are 50K IDR ($5 AUD) or under. You’ll find a variety of western options like burgers and wraps as well as pasta and Indonesian food.

Da Romeo

best restaurants in canggu - da romeo canggu - lolapan travels

Da Romeo is one of the fancier restaurants in Canggu which is why you’ll find that it’s a bit more pricey than others, but for good reason. This Italian restaurant serves delicious classics like pastas and pizzas. The atmosphere is great for a nice night out with friends or a little dinner date.

Banh Mi & Beans

Banh Mi & Beans is the perfect place in Canggu to try out some delicious Vietnamese cuisine. You’ll find everything from traditional banh mi to rice paper rolls as well as noodle bowls. Don’t forget to also try out their Vietnamese coffee!

Hungry Bird

best restaurants in canggu - hungry bird cafe - lolapan travels

Hungry Bird is a very popular coffee shop knowns for its breakfast dishes. You’ll often find many people spending the day inside the cafe on their laptops while enjoying some delicious coffee. The prices are reasonable while the food and drinks are always great.


Canggu is one of the best areas to stay in Bali. You’ll find a variety of quirky cafes, awesome stores for shopping and laid back vibes. If you’re after some amazing beach front bars to enjoy the sunset, then you’re in the right place! Accommodation options in Canggu range from hotels, hostels as well as private villas. No matter your budget, there will definitely be an option for you. Canggu is famous for its exceptional and reasonably priced tropical villas.

Theanna Eco Villa and Spa – Luxury: If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway in Canggu, then we definitely recommend Theanna Eco Villa. They have different villas for you to choose from with some even having their own swimming pool. The villas are incredibly modern, clean and well maintained. They also offer spa services for when you want to have some ultimate relaxation time.

The Apartments Umalas – Midrage: The style of The Apartments Umalas is a combination of beautiful white Greek architecture combined with tropical Bali vibes. It’s the ideal place to stay for anyone hoping to get some perfect vacay photos lounging by the pool. The rooms are large, clean and have everything you’ll need! They even offer massages so you can have a relaxing massage without having to leave your villa. You can’t beat this place for the price and the insane boho vibes.

Riyuri Guesthouse – Budget: Riyuri Guesthouse is our go to accommodation when we’re in Bali. It has everything we need for a super affordable price. For roughly $17AUD per day, you’ll have your own private room with a patio, private bathroom and large glass windows so you can look out into the beautiful garden. The rooms are also very clean and are cleaned daily by the maid.

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