Blowhole Beach Deep Creek Park – Adelaide’s Best Kept Secret

Blowhole Beach Deep Creek Park - lolapan travels - Best Beaches Fleurieu Peninsula

Blowhole Beach in Deep Creek Conservation Park is one of Adelaide’s best kept secrets and possibly one of our favourite beaches in South Australia. The journey getting there is half the fun, and the beach itself is pristine. Amongst the rolling hills, you’ll find a beach with beautiful blue water and white sand.

How to get to Blowhole Beach in Deep Creek

Blowhole Beach is located in Deep Creek Conservation Park which is on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Getting to the beach can be a bit of a challenge. If you’re lucky enough to have a 4WD drive, you can follow the steep off-road track that leads you right down to the beach. Others will have to park about 2km back at Cobbler Hill car-park and walk along the hiking trail.

We managed to take our All-wheel drive car down along the 4WD track, however we wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not familiar with driving off-road. Certain parts of the track are very steep and there are plenty of large rocks, so having a high clearance vehicle would be best.

Where to stay 

The Fleurieu Peninsula is a large area with a variety of accommodation options. The further down the peninsula you go, you’ll find less and less accommodation. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay close to supermarkets and shops, then you can try Aldinga Beach which is further north of the peninsula. Another big town on the peninsula is Victor Harbor which is located down south. Here you’ll find pretty much anything you need!

If you’re road tripping and looking for a campsite, we recommend Rapid Bay Campground. This campsite is probably one of the nicest we’ve stayed at since it is right on the beach. For us we found this spot to be perfect as it was close enough to all the best attractions. It costs $9 per person and you pay the ranger who comes around every night. There are also no big supermarkets nearby but a few local grocers with your basic needs.

↠ Check availability: Fleurieu Peninsula Accommodation


$10 entry fee per vehicle into Deep Creek Conservation Park. You can book a vehicle entry pass online on their website. Reception in the park is weak so it’s best to book online before you go.

You can also camp in Deep Creek Conservation Park. Be sure to check the website for details on camping locations, prices and maps.

What to expect

Blowhole Beach in Deep Creek Park is hidden away between the steep beige valleys. The bright blue colours of the ocean clash with the dry landscape, making an incredible and unique view. As you make your way down, be sure to stop and take a minute to take in the views of the massive rolling hills and beautiful coastline.

Blowhole Beach Deep Creek Park - lolapan travels

Whether you’re driving down or hiking, you’re sure to run into some kangaroos as they’re quite popular in the area. We managed to spot a few as we were driving down and quickly snapped a few photos of them feeding and resting. As you finally reach the beach, you’ll find bright white sand and clear blue waters. Additionally, there were only a few other people around, and most of them were fishing along the rocks.

Beside the small creek, there is a pathway leading up the hill where you’ll be able to reach a viewpoint on the headland. As we made our way along the top of the hill we stumbled across a pile of animal bones which really showed how barren the landscape was. After exploring along the headland, we found an awesome viewpoint that looks back over the bay. In the distance we also noticed a group following a walking track around the coastline.

Blowhole Beach Deep Creek Park - lolapan travels

Blowhole Beach is the perfect spot if you’re looking for a real adventure. It was also one of our favourite beaches in South Australia. The journey to get to the beach is challenging and fun but the reward at the end is definitely worth it!

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