Bohol Tourist Spots – A Guide To Traveling Bohol Philippines

Bohol tourist spots - Virgin island of Bohol

There are a number of iconic Bohol tourist spots that you’ve probably already heard of such as the Chocolate Hills and the friendly Tarsiers. Bohol is also full of gorgeous beaches, good food and exciting night life. In this guide we’ll give you our best Bohol tourist spots and everything you need to know from how to get there and where to stay.

Getting to Bohol from Siquijor

From Siquijor we headed to Larena Pier to catch an OceanJet Ferry. This company is the most popular as they have very safe boats. It’s known that some of the smaller, locally owned boats, have capsized on this route due to the rough open waters.

Tickets cost 700 Peso per person and the ferry leaves Larena Pier at 2:20pm, arriving in Bohol at 3:40pm. You will arrive in Tagbilaran which is located in the heart of Bohol city and then you’ll have to get a tricycle, van or taxi to your hotel. We chose to get the tricycle from Tagbilaran Pier to Alona Beach and it cost us around 300 peso. If you can manage to find other travelers heading to the same destination, another option would be to split the cost of a mini-van which would roughly cost the same as a tricycle.

Where to stay on Bohol

There is a large variety of accommodation on Bohol. From hostels to luxury resorts, you’ll be able to find anything you’re after. The best area to stay for tourists is on Panglao Island. We chose to stay near Alona Beach at Alona Grove Tourist Inn. One of the nicest hotels in Alona Beach is the Henann Resort which has luxury rooms, swimming pools as well as plenty of other amenities.  A popular and central located hostel is Moon Fools Hostel. We also stayed in White Beach for 2 nights at The Whitehouse By The Sea and absolutely recommend this place if you’re looking for a private luxury villa overlooking the beach.

↠ Check availability: Panglao Island accommodation

Bohol tourist spots - the whitehouse by the sea

The Whitehouse By The Sea

Renting a scooter in Bohol

All along Alona Beach and in the surrounding area you will have plenty of people offering to rent you scooters. It is your choice if you would like to rent from them although most of them will try and overcharge you, asking around 500 peso per day. We decided to rent our bike from a local tour stand for 400 peso per day.

Best spots to eat in Bohol

The main food and drink area of Alona Beach is full of giant milkshakes, burgers and every kind of western food you can think of. If you’re on a budget, most of the restaurants along the main strip may be too expensive. We found plenty of good cheap meals located 5 minutes from the main area with our top recommendations being:

  • D’ Backpackers Barn – Offers various breakfast dishes, all for 100 peso including a drink.
  • Angels – You may see these small yellow burger stands all over the philippines. This little shop is filled with cheap burgers and hotdogs with buy one get one free burgers starting from 40 peso.
  • A little further down from D’ Backpackers Barn is a little bamboo restaurant with blue neon lights that serves cheap delicious food. They have incredible spring rolls with rice and a drink for 80 peso and big bowls of noodle stir fry for 100 peso. This store is only open at night but its a must if you’re on a budget.

Bohol tourist spots – Best things to do

  • The Chocolate hills – This is definitely the most popular Bohol tourist spots and I absolutely recommend it. The Chocolate hills features hundreds of unique cone shaped mounds which turn brown in the dry seasons, giving it its name, although any season is great to visit as it is such a crazy sight. If you’re interested in visiting The Chocolate hills you can click here for a full guide.
Bohol tourist spots - the chocolate hills

The Chocolate Hills

  • Visit the Tarsiers – The Tarsiers are cute, tiny alien looking creatures that are only found in South East Asia. These adorable animals are a must if you plan on visiting Bohol. Check out our blog for a complete Tarsier day trip guide here.
Bohol tourist spots - Tarsiers

Friendly Tarsiers

  • Book a day tour – Alona Beach and the surrounding areas are full of tour companies that offer various tours to different parts of Bohol. A popular tour package is snorkeling, dolphin watching and island hopping but we decided not to do this because we had just done snorkeling a few days earlier, so instead we decided just to visit the Virgin Island.
Bohol tourist spots - Virgin island of Bohol

Virgin island of Bohol

  • Virgin Island Of Bohol – This little sandbar is one of the most pristine Bohol tourist spots and is located 10 minutes from Alona Beach. It’s the perfect day trip as you get to book a boat to take you out to the island. We booked a private boat for 1200 peso although you can buy a ticket on a shared boat for 500 peso per person. The island is a popular spot to find lots of starfish and relax on the white sand.

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