Booloumba Creek Camping – Secluded Turquoise Pools In The Jungle

booloumba creek camping - lolapan travels

Booloumba Creek camping is a great secluded place to hang out and enjoy the turquoise pools right in the middle of the jungle. There are a few creek crossings to reach this spot and some campsites are better than others so here’s everything you need to know!

How to get to Booloumba Creek

Booloumba Creek is located in Conondale National Park along the Sunshine Coast. It’s roughly a 1 hour drive from central Sunshine Coast or 2 hours if you’re coming from Brisbane city. Continue along Booloumba Creek Road until you come across the various campsites. It’s recommended that you have a high clearance 4WD vehicle for the creek crossings, however we managed just fine in our everyday SUV. Just be sure to double check the current weather conditions as recent heavy rainfall may affect the water levels.

Where to stay

If you’re not camping at Booloumba Creek, the Sunshine Coast is the closest area with a variety of accomodation options. Noosa was one of our favourite places because of how trendy and modern it felt and its beautiful beach. You’ll find many beachfront hotels located along Hastings Street in Noosa Heads. If you’re on a smaller budget, you can check out some of the backpacker hostels in Noosa like Nomads Noosa Backpackers. You can also check out the many beachfront resorts and hotels located along the other beaches. Alexandra Headlands Beach and Mooloolaba Beach are a bit further south, both providing good options.

↠ Check availability: Sunshine Coast

Booloumba Creek Camping Costs

Camping at Booloumba Creek will vary in cost depending on how many people and what type of vehicle you camp with. You can check prices and book your campground on the Queensland National Park website here. Some camping areas or only suitable for tents while others are more suited for campers and cars.

You can still visit Booloumba Creek for free if you just want to check out the area for the day. There are no entry fees into the national park so you’ll only have to pay if you intend on staying the night.

What to expect

Booloumba Creek camping is the perfect getaway for some peace and quiet. The creek has incredibly clear turquoise water that looks even better when the sunlight hits. The campsites are right beside the creek so you won’t have to walk far. There is a lot of space between campsites so you’ll have plenty of room to yourself away from the other campers.

Camping area 1 and 3 are right along the creek but camping area 3 had a better swimming hole. The water was super refreshing and clear and you could even see the pebbles at the bottom. There was a bit of moss floating around in the water which can be slightly off-putting but it’s still an awesome spot to cool down. If you don’t feel like swimming, you can lay down and soak up the hot sun. The pebble floor is smooth enough to relax on with a towel.

When we visited at midday, we only found a few others around. We were able to enjoy the turquoise pools all to ourselves. Before going, be sure to check availability and book yourself a campsite. Once you’re in the national park there is no phone reception.

booloumba creek camping - lolapan travels

If you’re road tripping along the coast, be sure to also check out Noosa and all the top things to do in Noosa Heads.

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