Bottle Beach Koh Phangan – Best Beach On Koh Phangan!

Bottle Beach Koh Phangan – Best Beach On Koh Phangan!

Bottle Beach Koh Phangan is known as the best beach on Koh Phangan! This hidden gem is harder to get to than most beaches, although it’s definitely worth the extra work.

How to get to Bottle Beach Koh Phangan

Bottle Beach Koh Phangan is secluded and quiet because it is slightly more challenging to get to. It is roughly a 50 minute drive from Thong Sala Pier.

There are three ways which you can get to Bottle Beach.

Taxi Boat – This is the easiest and safest option. You can catch a taxi boat from Chaloklum Beach which costs 150Baht per person for a one way trip. The minimum is 4 people per boat.

Scooter – This option is slightly more challenging, with some people abandoning their scooters half way and walking. Many people also give up and turn back half way. The reason this way is so difficult is because it is very steep and the gravel is very loose and can be dangerous. If you’re a confident bike driver then you shouldn’t worry as much because we managed to get our bike all the way to the beach and back without any accidents. We just drove very slow and took our time. This route definitely isn’t for all levels of drivers and you should take extra caution and be very careful. Definitely don’t attempt this route if it has been raining.

Hike – Another option for those who are after an adventure is to hike from Haad Khom Beach. This takes roughly 2 hours return. The hike is tough with many steep uphill and downhill descents through the jungle.

bottle beach koh phangan - koh phangan beaches - lolapan travels

What to expect at Bottle Beach Koh Phangan

Once you’ve made it onto the beach, you’ll have the reward of soft white sand and pristine blue water which is perfect for swimming. You’ll want to spend all day swimming in the ocean and laying on the sand. There are plenty of tall palm trees which surround the beach. Bottle beach is very quiet and secluded, apart from the few hotel guests which are staying at the resort located on the beach. If you’re looking for a private holiday getaway then this place is definitely a great area to stay!

bottle beach koh phangan - koh phangan beaches - lolapan travels

If you no longer want to sit on the sand, there is also a volleyball court which is a fun activity to play with some friends. For some extra exploration, there are large granite boulders to the left of the beach where you can view the beach from a cool perspective. If you get hungry there are also a few beach front bars and restaurants.

bottle beach koh phangan - koh phangan beaches


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