Bukit Selong Lombok – Incredibly Colourful Rice Fields

bukit selong lombok rice field viewpoint

Bukit Selong Lombok is a spectacular viewpoint which gives you a panoramic view of an incredible cluster of rice fields that are full of different colours and patterns. A popular feature of the viewpoint is the unique wooden platform which is in the shape of a star.

How to get to Bukit Selong Lombok 

We were lucky to be driven to Bukit Selong, however you can easily access this spot via motorbike. From the main area of Kuta, it’s a two and a half hour drive.

If you plan on visiting Mount Rinjani, it’s a good idea to visit Bukit Selong Lombok either before or after your trek. They are only 30 minutes away from each other.

Where to stay

To visit Bukit Selong, we stayed in the northern park of Lombok. Most of the accommodation in this area is budget friendly so you should have no trouble finding a place to stay. We stayed at Pondok Guru Bakti Cottage and found it to be great value with nice rooms. You can even see Mount Rinjani from the beautiful garden.

↠ Check availability: Lombok accommodation.

Entrance fee

The entrance fee costs 10K IDR per person.

bukit selong lombok rice field viewpoint

What to expect at Bukit Selong Lombok 

From the car park, it’s only a short 5 minute walk to reach the viewpoint. Bukit Selong Lombok is an incredible place to view the gorgeous and colourful rice fields. These rice fields are unique as they consist of squares that are all different colours and patterns. One of the most popular things about the viewpoint is the wooden platform which is in the shape of a star. This platform looks awesome in photos as you look down onto the rice fields.

bukit selong lombok rice field viewpoint

From Bukit Selong Lombok you can also see the surrounding villages, mountains, as well as Mount Rinjani in the distance. This spot is a popular attraction upon locals so you’ll find almost no other tourists.

At the Bukit Selong viewpoint, you’ll find other little attractions such as a wooden platform overlooking the opposite side of the rice fields. This is a great vantage point to view the local villages so you’ll be able to see the roofs of all the small houses in the distance.

bukit selong lombok rice field viewpoint

bukit selong lombok rice field viewpoint

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