Bushrangers Bay Rockpools – Best Times And Conditions To Visit!

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The Bushrangers Bay Rockpools are located amongst the volcanic black coastline with some breathtaking views of the rolling hills in the distance. It’s a bit of a walk from the carpark so be sure to check the conditions if you’re heading there for a swim. Don’t let gloomy weather stop you from checking this spot out as it’s equally beautiful and breathtaking without the sun. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting the rockpools at Bushrangers Bay.

How to get to Bushrangers Bay Rockpools

Park at Bushrangers Bay Parking Area or the Cape Schanck Lighthouse car park and follow the signs to Bushrangers Bay. It’s roughly a 40 minute walk along an easy dirt path with some stairs along the way. You can find the pools along the rocky coastline to the left of the beach.

Where to Stay on the Mornington Peninsula

All the popular spots and beaches on the Mornington Peninsula are located close by. There are limited Mornington Peninsula accommodation options in terms of hotels. However there are plenty of beach houses and camping options available. Those that are looking for luxury can check out RACV Cape Schanck Resort which offers modern rooms and private balconies with beautiful views. There are no budget options like hostels so your cheapest option would be a nearby motel or to camp.

↠ Check availability: Mornington Peninsula accommodation

We stayed on the peninsula for a week and ended up camping at Rosebud Foreshore Camping which cost us $100 for 7 nights. There are hot showers and bathrooms and it’s even walking distance from the beach.

Best Time to Visit

Bushrangers Bay Rockpools are best visited during summer at low tide with minimal wind. During high tide and windy conditions, large waves crash over the pools making this spot unaccessible and even dangerous. A quick google search and you’ll be able to find the tide conditions and times for Bushrangers Bay. You can check the tide times here. The coastline is just as stunning and even looks more magical in gloomy weather so don’t let that stop you from checking this place out!

bushrangers bay rockpools - lolapan travels

What to Expect

After a 40 minute walk, the dirt trail opens up to a beautiful beach that is located between the large rolling hills of the farmlands. There are plenty of signs along the way indicating how dangerous and unpredictable the waves can be at Bushrangers Bay. Swimming at the beach is not advised as it’s unpatrolled and mobile reception is weak. Instead, you can head to the rock pools if it’s low tide and enjoy a relaxing swim there.

Unfortunately when we visited, the weather was cloudy and very windy. As we started our walk from the carpark, the warm weather slowly changed for the worst. The sun started to disappear and the clouds rolled in, bringing along the cold wind. We visited just outside the summer months so we had our fingers crossed that we would be able to enjoy a relaxing swim in the turquoise pools. When we arrived at the pools, the tide was just a little too high for us to take a swim. We spent our time exploring the volcanic black coastline instead and even managed to spot an awesome archway!

bushrangers bay rockpools - lolapan travels

The gloomy weather definitely made this spot more epic and mysterious so don’t let that stop you from exploring this amazing spot. The dark coastline looks incredible in photos when paired with a cloudy white sky, creating an epic scene.

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