Cambugahay Falls Siquijor – Don’t Miss Siquijor’s Most Epic Waterfall

cambugahay falls siquijor - lolapan travels

Cambugahay Falls Siquijor is the most popular and well-known waterfall on the island. Cambugahay Falls is unlike anything else around as it consists of 3 tiers, each with its own swimming spot amongst the clear blue water. You’ll also find many people launching themselves into the water from the 3 available rope swings. You’re sure to have a fun filled day swinging into the amazing blue water or just having a relaxing swim.

How to get to Cambugahay Falls Siquijor

Cambugahay Falls is roughly a 40 minute drive from the area of Paliton Beach. The easiest and best way to get around the island is to hire a scooter and drive yourself. You can hire a scooter for roughly 350PHP ($10AUD) per day. The drive is fairly easy along the main road of the island with only a few twists and turns. If you’re not a confident driver, you can hop in a local taxi and negotiate a price to take you there. Once you arrive at Cambugahay Falls, you will have to take a short walk down the 200 stairs leading you directly to the falls. The stairs are paved and easy to follow.

Cambugahay Falls opening hours 

The advertised opening hours for the falls are 7am-5:30pm. We visited as soon as it opened at 7am so that we could have the whole place to ourselves. There were no other tourists around for roughly 2 hours. Peak time at the falls is around midday when it starts to get very hot and everyone is looking for a perfect and fun place to cool down.

Entrance fee / costs

As the time of our visit in March 2018 there was no entrance fee to the falls. If you drive yourself, you will have to pay 10PHP for parking. If you arrive early enough there won’t be anyone there to collect the fee so you can park for free. For those looking to have some fun and use the rope swings, they charge 50 peso per person for all day unlimited use. There are 3 rope swings, although the 50 peso is only for the one you pay at, it’s not transferable to the other rope swings. We found the best and biggest rope swings to be the ones located at the bottom tier. The smaller rope swing is located at the furthest tier to the back, however its more enclosed by trees and not as open as the bottom ones.

cambugahay falls siquijor - lolapan travels

What to expect at Cambugahay Falls 

Cambugahay Falls is one of the most beautiful and exciting waterfalls on Siquijor. What makes this place so fun is the many rope swings you can use to jump into the water below. You’ll find many people doing flips and tricks while swinging from the ropes. If you’re intimidated by the big rope swings that you first come across, there is a much smaller one located at the top tier. You can also jump off the waterfalls edge into the water below. Alternatively, you can relax on the bamboo raft if the locals have it out in the water. For extra safety or for any weak swimmers, you can also hire a life jacket to use for the day.

If you start to get hungry from all the waterfall jumping and rope swinging, you’ll be able to find some small snack stands. The stands are at the top of the stairs, as well as at the bottom. The store owners at the top will try to tell you that there is no food or water at the bottom. However, we found other stalls at the bottom selling the same thing. From these stalls you can buy small snacks like chips and drinks.

cambugahay falls siquijor - lolapan travels

If you’re looking for a place to leave your belongings while enjoying the water, there isn’t a designated area for you to do this. When it gets busy there might be limited space along the edge of the waterfall for you to leave your things. However, if you decide to use the rope swings, the locals in charge are more than happy for you to leave your belongings beside them to keep an eye on.

cambugahay falls siquijor - lolapan travels

Where to stay 

The majority of accommodation on Siquijor is located on the West of the island. We would recommend staying in this area since you will have easy access to plenty of the nearby restaurants. Siquijor has a variety of accommodation options from budget to unique glamping experiences. There is definitely a place for everyone!

White Villas ResortLuxury: This lovely hotel is situated right on the beach so you won’t have to venture far for a perfect ocean view! The rooms are very clean with many having an awesome view of the ocean. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind and is especially suitable for families on holiday.

Glamping SiquijorMidrange: Glamping Siquijor is the most unique accommodation option on the island. It’s especially popular with people looking to capture some awesome photos with the super cute teepee tents. This accommodation is also located in a central location. The tents are only metres from the beach which is a bonus to this already amazing place.

Chelle’s GuesthouseBudget: Chelle’s Guesthouse is a super affordable accommodation option on Siquijor and has everything you need. They have a great communal area with outdoor hammocks and tables in their lovely garden. You can also choose stay in a dorm or a private room.

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