Cambugahay Falls – The Most Enjoyable Waterfall on Siquijor

Cambugahay Falls – The Most Enjoyable Waterfall on Siquijor

Cambugahay Falls is the most popular and well known waterfall on Siquijor. Cambugahay Falls consist of 3 tiers, each with its own swimming spot amongst the clear blue water. You’ll also find many people launching themselves into the water from the 3 available rope swings.

How to get to Cambugahay Falls

From San Juan it is roughly a 30 minute drive. Once you arrive at Cambugahay Falls you will have to take a short walk down the 200 or so stairs leading you directly to the falls.

Cambugahay Falls opening hours 

We visited the falls as soon as it opened at 7am. There was no one else around for roughly 2 hours. It starts to get busy around lunch time when it’s getting hot and everyone is looking to cool down

Cambugahay Falls entrance fee

There is no entrance fee to the falls, however you will have to pay 10 peso for parking. If you arrive early enough there won’t be anyone there to collect the fee so you can park for free. If you are interested in using the Cambugahay Falls rope swings, they charge 50 peso per person for all day unlimited use. There are 3 rope swings, although the 50 peso is only applied to the one you pay at, its not transferable to the other rope swings.

cambugahay falls - siquijor

What to expect

There are small snack stalls found at the top of the stairs before you walk down. There you can buy chips and drinks. They might tell you that there is nothing else at the bottom of the stairs but we found two other stalls selling the same items. Once you reach the bottom you will find life jackets for hire if you aren’t a strong swimmer.

If you’re intimidated by the big rope swing that you first come across, there is a much smaller one located at the top tier. You can also jump off the waterfalls edge into the water or you can relax on a bamboo raft.

There isn’t a particular area for you to leave your belongings. However if you use the rope swings, the operators in charge are more than happy for you to leave your belongings beside them to keep an eye on.

cambugahay falls - siquijor

cambugahay falls - siquijor

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