Camiguin Tourist Spots – The Ultimate Camiguin Travel Guide

camiguin tourist spots - camiguin travel guide

There are many Camiguin tourist spots as this island is full of things to do and see such as black sand beaches, hot springs, waterfalls, white ocean sandbars and also volcano hiking. Camiguin is a gorgeous little island known as the island born of fire due to its 7 volcanoes, one of which is still believed to be active. In this Camiguin travel guide we’ll be giving you tips on everything from where to stay to where to eat as well as the best Camiguin tourist spots.

How to get to Camiguin from Bohol

From Bohol we caught a ferry from Jagna Pier to Balbagon Ferry Terminal in Camiguin. This route isn’t very busy so it only departs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It leaves at 1pm and arrives in Camiguin at 6pm (roughly 5 hours in total). At Jagna Pier we purchased our tickets from a small ticket booth for 250 peso per person then headed straight into the terminal. Just a heads up, you will have to pay 2 separate terminal fees to enter. The terminal fees are really not that much, with the first being 5 peso and the second being 15 peso.

The ferry we got was completely open so you’ll be sitting in the windy sea breeze for 5 hours. However, they just launched a new FastCat company which has indoor seating and faster travel time. If you prefer a more comfortable trip, this may be the best option although it does cost more. Once you arrive in Camiguin you will have to take a tricycle to your hotel. From the pier it cost us 250 peso to get to the end of Mambajao.

Where to stay in Camiguin 

All the hotels in Camiguin are mainly located to the north of the island near the ferry terminal so we would recommend staying in that area. It’s also close to many of the popular Camiguin tourist spots. The prices range from budget guesthouses to expensive hotels. We stayed close to Balai sa Baibai which is a luxury option with beautiful villas, a pool and an outdoor bathroom.

↠ Check availability: Camiguin accommodation

Where to rent a motorbike

You’ll find that some of the tricycle drivers at the pier do motorbike rentals for the same price as most hotels (roughly 350 peso). It just depends on who you would prefer to rent one from, as well as if your hotel actually does rent them. In the town there are minimal signs for motorbike rentals although if you ask around you may be able to find one.

Best place to eat

Our favourite place to eat was at ‘The Checkpoint’ which is a small complex of different shops. They have a bakery, burger shop, upstairs restaurant and at night they also do barbecues. We pretty much ate breakfast, lunch and dinner here because of all the different cheap options but these spots in particular were our top picks.

  • Checkpoint Restaurant – On the top level of checkpoint, this is where you will find the Checkpoint Restaurant. They do a buffet breakfast for 180 peso per person with options like rice, eggs, sausages, bacon, salads, soup, juice, coffee and more. We found this place to be good value for the amount of food you could get, not to mention it also tastes delicious.
  • Checkpoint burger stall – One of the shops at Checkpoint is a small burger shop which does buy one get one free burgers for just under 40 peso. They also do chips and other small snacks.
  • Checkpoint dinner BBQ – We can’t recommend this enough! At night the Checkpoint complex becomes busy with people who come for their special barbecue. You get to pick what kind of meat you would like such as sausages, chicken or pork. They will then cook it with a delicious marinated sauce. The price will vary depending on what you get but for 2 people we would spend roughly 200-300 peso all together including rice and a large soft drink.

Best Camiguin Tourist Spots – Things to do

There are so many things to do on Camiguin Island so you will never get bored. From church ruins to hot springs, there is something for you to do everyday.

  • Walkway to the old volcano and stations of the cross – This 30 minute hike will take you up the side of an old volcano and you will be rewarded with an incredible view of the surrounding scenery. On your walk you will pass 14 stations of the cross which are life size statues of Jesus. The best time to visit is early as the hike can be very exhausting and the sun isn’t as harsh in the morning. By lunch time it will be extremely hot and a lot harder to reach the top.
camiguin tourist spots - camiguin travel guide

Drone shot from the Walkway to the old volcano and stations of the cross

  • Old Spanish Church Ruins – This is one of the lesser known Camiguin tourist spots. It is a church which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption hundreds of years ago. What makes this church so unique is that the walls are built with pieces of coral from the ocean. When you go and visit make sure to pay attention to all the incredible details!
  • The Sunken Cemetery – In the 1800’s a series of volcanic eruptions caused the islands old capital to sink under water, claiming the lives of hundreds. It is a good place to pay respects and to view the giant cross.
  • Ardent hot spring – This spot is perfect to visit on a rainy day or early in the morning. The hot springs consist of 2 levels filled with warm water. The top level is warmer while the bottom level is big and spacious so you can swim around. This hot spring isn’t as hot as others but its still a nice spot to relax. The entrance fee costs only 30 peso. You can also rent a room at the resort located there if you would like to stay longer.
camiguin tourist spots - camiguin travel guide

Ardent Hot Spring Camiguin

  • Katibawasan falls – This waterfall is 70 metres tall and surrounded by lush greenery. It’s a great way to cool off during the day as the water there is very cold. It costs 20 peso per person and from the carpark its located 2 minutes away just down a few stairs.
  • White island – White island is one of the most popular Camiguin tourist spots. It is a gorgeous sandbar located 5 minutes off Camiguin. It’s the perfect spot to swim in the clear blue water and view the volcanoes from a different perspective. To get there you will have to head to ‘White Island ferry terminal’ which is located just past ‘The Checkpoint’. You will arrive at a small pier and have to pay 480 peso for the boat plus a terminal fee. You are free to spend as long as you want at White Island.

camiguin tourist spots - camiguin travel guide camiguin tourist spots - camiguin travel guide

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