Carlo Sand Blow – Stunning Rainbow Beach Sand Dunes

carlo sand blow - rainbow beach sand dunes - lolapan travels

The Carlo Sand Blow is a stunning and unique attraction where you’ll be able to marvel the picturesque views overlooking the coastline as well as Fraser Island in the distance. The accumulation of windblown sand has created a landscape unlike any other and is even more beautiful when visiting at sunrise or sunset. The sand dunes form right up to the cliff face where you can look out onto the ocean horizon.

How to get to Carlo Sand Blow

The sand dunes at Rainbow Beach, otherwise known as the Carlo Sand Blow is located in the Great Sandy National Park, right near Fraser Island. Getting there is super easy and will take roughly 3 hours to drive from Brisbane. There is a carpark for Carlo Sand Blow which is right where the Cooloola Great Walk Starts. Continue along this track for 10-15 minutes and you’ll reach a large opening onto the sand.

Best time to visit Rainbow Beach Sand Dunes

The Carlo Sand Blow at Rainbow Beach is open 24/7, however we definitely recommend visiting at sunrise. The temperature will be cooler as you do the walk and you’ll also come across less crowds. The main reason we recommend visiting at sunrise is because you’ll be able to watch the sunrise over the ocean horizon. It’s definitely a beautiful way to start off your day!

What to expect

When you first reach the sand blow, you’ll be in awe of the size and amount of windblown sand that has slowly accumulated over the years. The wind is gradually transforming a forest and burying everything in its path. As you walk across Carlo Sand Blow, you’ll be walking beside tree trunks and the tops of trees.

rainbow beach sand dunes - lolapan travels

The view from the edge of the cliff is one of the most unique and breathtaking views along the east coast. Behind you are sand dunes that have engulfed a forest. In front is a massive cliff face that leads down to Rainbow Beach with clear blue waters, and in the distance is a clear view of the ocean horizon.

From the top of Carlo Sand Blow, take in the panoramic views over Rainbow Beach and the different coloured sand, as well as Inskip Peninsula, Double Island Point and Fraser Island. Rainbow Beach curves along the coastline as far as your eye can see. You may even notice some 4WD’s driving along the beach.

carlo sand blow - rainbow beach sand dunes - lolapan travels

Rainbow Beach and Inskip point are two famous places for 4WDs and camping. However, if you don’t have a 4WD these locations can be hard to reach. Carlo Sand Blow and the sand dunes at Rainbow Beach are a great way to still experience the area. Plus, if you decide to tackle waking up early in the morning and head there for sunrise like we recommended, you won’t regret it. It’s one of the best morning views we’ve seen.

Where to stay

Rainbow Beach is a small and rural town with a few different accommodation options to suit everyones needs. There’s also one main street through town where you’ll find delicious restaurants as well as plenty of places to drink. Arcobaleno On The Beach is a favourite if you’re feeling Italian or Brents Burgers for some classic burgers and chips.

Rainbow Ocean Palms ResortLuxury: Rainbow Ocean Palms Resort is the ultimate place to soak up the spectacular views of Rainbow Beach. All luxury apartments also have balconies with panoramic views looking over the coastline and Fraser Island. The property also features an outdoor swimming pool as well as massage services if you really want to treat yourself.

Rainbow Getaway Holiday ApartmentsMidrange: Rainbow Getaway is a great midrange option that has it all. They offer 1, 2 and 3-bedroom accommodation that are all self contained with a full kitchen as well as a laundry. The property also features an outdoor pool, fitness centre and even playground for the kids. The staff are incredibly friendly and can assist in booking tours around the area.

BIG4 Breeze Holiday ParksBudget: BIG4 Holiday Park is great value for money if you’re looking for somewhere on the less expensive side to stay. The cabins are spacious, clean and the staff are also incredibly helpful. The property is located on a tidal inlet and has a boat ramp right at it’s doorstep.

↠ Check availability: Rainbow Beach accommodation

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