Suicide Cliff Hong Kong – The Most Famous View In Hong Kong

suicide cliff hong kong - hong kong hike

Suicide Cliff Hong Kong is one of the most famous and daring hikes in Hong Kong. It is known for its difficult hiking trail which scales up the side of the mountain. When you reach the top you will be rewarded with the most incredible and unforgettable view of the city below. It’s common for […]

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Ocean Park Hong Kong – The Ultimate Fun Day Out

ocean park hong kong - grand aquarium

Ocean Park Hong Kong is a marine mammal park, aquarium, animal park and amusement park all in one. If you’re in Hong Kong and looking for a great day out exploring different exotic asian animals, giant aquariums, as well as going on some roller coasters, then Ocean Park Hong Kong should definitely be on your […]

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Victoria Peak Viewpoint – Hong Kong’s Most Popular Viewpoint

victoria peak viewpoint hong kong - findlay road

Victoria peak viewpoint is the most popular and easily accessible viewpoint in Hong Kong. From the Victoria peak viewpoint you can witness endless panoramic views of the incredible city below. If you hang around till the evening, you’ll also be able to watch the nightly light show from an incredible vantage point. Victoria Peak viewpoint […]

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Man Mo Temple Hong Kong – Epic Smoke Light Rays

man mo temple hong kong

Man Mo Temple Hong Kong is one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong and is popular for its dozens of hanging, spiralling incense and beautiful red interior. If you visit at the right time, you’ll be able to witness large light rays which peer through the ceiling and create mystical beams of light and […]

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Quarry Bay Hong Kong – The Yick Cheong Building

yick cheong building quarry bay hong kong

Quarry Bay Hong Kong is situated on Hong Kong island and is best known for its famous Yick Cheong Building, also nicknamed the monster building. The Yick Cheong Building is incredibly well known for its mesmorising, traditional Hong Kong style complexes. The housing estate consists of three dense residential complexes that surround you in every direction. This place […]

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Choi Hung Estate Hong Kong – Photography Hotspot

choi hung estate hong kong basketball courts

Choi Hung Estate Hong Kong is a residential building complex that has become popular due to its bright and colourful rainbow exterior which make for a super quirky backdrop. The best view of the Choi Hung Estate is from the rooftop basketball court that is surrounded by the towering local housing. How to get to Choi […]

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