Must See Waterfalls In The Philippines – Our Top Picks

waterfalls in the philippines - philippines waterfall

There are countless waterfalls in the Philippines, most of which consist of incredible blue water and breathtaking scenery. Each Philippines waterfall has it’s own unique features that set them apart, so here are our top picks and must see recommendations. Our top picks for waterfalls in the Philippines that you must visit! Cambugahay Falls  Cambugahay […]

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Camiguin Tourist Spots – The Ultimate Camiguin Travel Guide

camiguin tourist spots - camiguin travel guide

There are many Camiguin tourist spots as this island is full of things to do and see such as black sand beaches, hot springs, waterfalls, white ocean sandbars and also volcano hiking. Camiguin is a gorgeous little island known as the island born of fire due to its 7 volcanoes, one of which is still […]

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Bohol Tourist Spots – A Guide To Traveling Bohol Philippines

Bohol tourist spots - Virgin island of Bohol

There are a number of iconic Bohol tourist spots that you’ve probably already heard of such as the Chocolate Hills and the friendly Tarsiers. Bohol is also full of gorgeous beaches, good food and exciting night life. In this guide we’ll give you our best Bohol tourist spots and everything you need to know from how […]

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Chocolate Hills & Tarsiers day trip – Bohol Philippines Itinerary

chocolate hills bohol

Bohol is most iconic for The Chocolate Hills and its cute alien looking Tarsiers. The Chocolate Hills are an incredible landscape of cone shaped hills that are spread over 50km. If you’re lucky enough to visit while the sun is rising over the chocolate hills it is truly amazing! If you’re planning on visiting the Chocolate […]

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Island of Siquijor – Siquijor Travel Guide & Itinerary

island of siquijor - sunset spots

The small island of Siquijor is known for its mystical tales of witchcraft and sorcery, but don’t let that stop you from visiting this gorgeous island. The island of Siquijor is full of friendly locals, gorgeous sunsets, pristine beaches and waterfalls. Karaoke is very popular on the island with many bars and hotels hosting parties every […]

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Cambugahay Falls – The Most Enjoyable Waterfall on Siquijor

cambugahay falls - siquijor

Cambugahay Falls is the most popular and well known waterfall on Siquijor. Cambugahay Falls consist of 3 tiers, each with its own swimming spot amongst the clear blue water. You’ll also find many people launching themselves into the water from the 3 available rope swings. How to get to Cambugahay Falls From San Juan it is […]

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Salagdoong Beach – The Ultimate Cliff Jumping Spot in Siquijor

salagdoong beach cliff jumping

Salagdoong Beach is on the eastern side of Siquijor island and is known for its popular cliff jumping platforms. If you’re not into cliff jumping don’t worry, there’s also bamboo rafts set up with hammocks and swings for you to relax on for the day. The beach is full of perfect white sand with clear […]

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Tumalog Falls & Aguinid Falls – Best Waterfalls in Oslob

aguinid falls - oslob waterfalls

One of the most popular waterfalls in Oslob is Tumalog falls, however not many people have heard about the underrated and incredible Aguinid falls. If you’re thinking about heading to Oslob, be sure to add these 2 waterfalls to your list! Tumalog Falls Tumalog falls is roughly a 20 minute bike ride from Oslob. Once […]

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Oslob Whale Sharks – The Ultimate Bucket List Experience

oslob whale sharks - philippines

One of the most popular activities in the Philippines is swimming with the Oslob whale sharks. These gentle giants are magical to swim with and should definitely be on your list of things to see if you plan on coming to the Philippines. How to get to the Oslob whale sharks  Tour operators do packages […]

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Moalboal Itinerary – How to Travel Moalboal Philippines

moalboal itinerary - snorkeling

This Moalboal itinerary will help you plan for your upcoming trip to the Philippines as Moalboal is a must see! From sardine runs to the iconic Kawasan falls, this small part of Cebu has everything you need for the perfect trip. In this Moalboal itinerary, we’ll be giving you tips on everything from how to […]

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