Cherry Blossom Festival Sydney

Cherry Blossom Festival Sydney

It’s that time of year when the Auburn Botanic Gardens hosts its annual 2 week Cherry Blossom Festival in Sydney. For $5 a ticket we were given access to everything that the festival had to offer, such as many Japanese food trucks, sumo wrestling, live cooking demonstrations by Masterchef winner Adam Liaw, as well as unlimited access to the Cherry Blossom trail.

Our first stop was lunch at the food stall, Tsuru, where Jirapan got BBQ hot and spicy pork belly on a bed of chips and I ordered the BBQ teriyaki chicken with chips as well as some Takoyaki octopus balls. The long queue was definitely worth the wait and we then sat down on the grass to enjoy our food in the sun.




After lunch we headed into the Cherry Blossom Trail where it was packed with people trying to take photos with the Cherry Blossoms. If you are thinking of going to the Cherry Blossom festival make sure you go on a weekday to avoid the crowds, However the food trucks are not there on weekdays. Even though it was busy, we were still able to take amazing photos of the traditional Japanese flowers and all their beauty. While you are there you won’t want to put your camera down as there are photo opportunities at every corner.





At times it was challenging getting a perfect photo with the cherry blossoms without having a crowd of people in the background. For those of us who want the perfect photos with a seemingly quiet background you might have to get creative, so here are some tips!

  1. Zooming in – Every photo I took was relatively zoomed in. This allows you to capture all the detail of the Cherry Blossoms while not having any other people in the photo.
  2. Angles are everything – If you want a photo of yourself with the Cherry Blossoms without the crowds, we found that the best angle was from below so that you’re cutting out the people behind you while still getting a large display of flowers around you.
  3. Wait it out – If the low angle isn’t your thing and the crowds are still in the way of your perfect shot, you can always go grab some food or continue on the trail and come back when there’s less people. The flowers wont be going anywhere and you have all day to get your perfect photo 🙂




After spending all day at the festival I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get some great photos or just to have a nice day out with friends/family. The Cherry Blossoms are only in bloom 2 weeks of the year so make sure you don’t miss this amazing experience!

For more details you can visit the official Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival page at






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