Chocolate Hills & Tarsiers day trip – Bohol Philippines Itinerary

chocolate hills bohol

Bohol is most iconic for The Chocolate Hills and its cute alien looking Tarsiers. The Chocolate Hills are an incredible landscape of cone shaped hills that are spread over 50km. If you’re lucky enough to visit while the sun is rising over the chocolate hills it is truly amazing! If you’re planning on visiting the Chocolate Hills be sure to also check out the Tarsiers as they are only 30 minutes away, making it the perfect day trip.

Where to stay in Bohol

There is a large variety of accommodation on Bohol. From hostels to luxury resorts, you’ll be able to find anything you’re after. The best area to stay for tourists is on Panglao Island. We chose to stay near Alona Beach at Alona Grove Tourist Inn. One of the nicest hotels in Alona Beach is the Henann Resort which has luxury rooms, swimming pools as well as plenty of other amenities.  A popular and central located hostel is Moon Fools Hostel. We also stayed in White Beach for 2 nights at The Whitehouse By The Sea and absolutely recommend this place if you’re looking for a private luxury villa overlooking the beach.

↠ Check availability: Panglao Island accommodation

Chocolate Hills

Getting to the Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate hills are just under a 2 hour drive from Alona Beach. We took on the long drive starting at 4am to make it there in time for sunrise. We were very sleepy by the end of the drive. The more relaxing option is to book a van with a tour company however you will be in a group and won’t be able to choose what hours you go unless you pre arrange private transport to suit you but it will cost more.

Chocolate Hills Opening hours / Best time of day to visit  

We have not seen official opening hours for the chocolate hills, although when we went at 6am for sunrise it was full of local filipinos exercising on the stairs that lead you to the lookout.

If you can get there in time, sunrise is definitely the best time to visit due to the explosion of colours and mass amounts of fog that you’ll see rolling over the hills making it an epic photo opportunity.

We would definitely recommend visiting the chocolate hills at either sunrise or sunset as it can seem underwhelming during the day due to the harsh lighting and crowds of tourists.

Chocolate Hills entrance fee

Entry costs 50 peso per person.

chocolate hills bohol

chocolate hills bohol

Tarsiers Conservation Area

The Tarsiers are only found in certain parts of South East Asia because they are extremely sensitive to noise and physical contact. These cute alien like creatures are adorable and you should definitely visit them on your trip to Bohol.

How to get to the Tarsiers Conservation Area 

We drove 30 minutes from the Chocolate Hills to the Tarsiers Conservation Area. The drive from the Chocolate Hills is fairly easy and also enjoyable with scenic views of rice fields and palm trees.

Tarsiers Conservation Area opening hours 

The opening hours start from 8am

Entrance Fee

Entry costs 60 peso per person

What to expect

The guides will show you where the tarsiers are hiding in the trees. They are extremely timid and sensitive to loud noises so make sure to keep quiet. Make sure not to use flash photography and don’t shake the trees as this causes extreme distress. This can sometimes lead the Tarsiers to commit suicide.

The Tarsiers Conservation Area consists of small trees that are only head height so the Tarsiers are easily seen. The path that you follow is short and can be completed within 5 minutes.

This place can be a bit of a tourist trap as the food and drinks located just outside are fairly overpriced so we would recommend stopping at local markets or stores on the drive back.

tarsiers bohol philippines

tarsiers bohol philippines

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