Choi Hung Estate Hong Kong – Famous Rainbow Basketball Court

choi hung estate hong kong basketball courts

Choi Hung Estate Hong Kong is a residential building complex that has become popular due to its bright and colourful rainbow exterior which make for a super quirky backdrop. The best view of Choi Hung Estate is from the rooftop basketball court where the colourful towering local houses surround it.

How to get to Choi Hung Estate Hong Kong

The best way to get to Choi Hung Estate is to catch the MTR (The Hong Kong train system). Make your way to Choi Hung Station on the Kwun Tong Line. Once you’re at the station, be sure to exit from the C3 or C4 exit. There are plenty of signs around the station to help guide you to the estate.

You will find Choi Hung Estate directly in front of you once you exit the station. Walk around the complex and you will see a multi levelled carpark. The basketball court is located on top of the carpark. Walk up a few flights of stairs and thats where you will find the basketball courts. From the ground level, the basketball court is easy to miss so be sure to keep an eye out for the carpark stairs.

Where to stay in Hong Kong

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choi hung estate hong kong basketball courts

What to expect at Choi Hung Estate Hong Kong

Choi Hung Estate Hong Kong is a quirky building complex full of bright colours and a roof top basketball court. The buildings make for a super unique and fun backdrop. It also gives you an insight into how some of the people in Hong Kong live. You can expect to see plenty of locals exercising around the basketball court, as well as other photographers trying to capture a shot of the colourful buildings.

choi hung estate hong kong basketball courts

We arrived at 8am and found the basketball courts full of locals doing tai chi. This is a routine that the locals do everyday. Although, by 8:30am they were starting to clear out and we were able to start taking photos. At 9am the sun started to peak through and we captured some beautiful sun rays in our shots.

choi hung estate hong kong basketball courts

choi hung estate hong kong basketball courts

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