City Palace In Jaipur – Pink Buildings and Beautiful Architecture

City Palace In Jaipur - pink city jaipur - lolapan travels

The City Palace in Jaipur is a very famous landmark in the pink city. It is currently used as a museum and displays many items of Rajasthan and Jaipur history. This palace is also well known for its beautiful pink structures. Once you enter the courtyard, you will notice many pink walls and walkways.

How to get to the City Palace In Jaipur

The best way to get to the City Palace is to get a rickshaw. It’s located in a central area so you should have no issue finding your way there. The rickshaw wont cost much, although locals always charge foreigners more so be sure to haggle the price before you get in.

Where to stay in Jaipur

There are a variety of Jaipur accommodation options in many different areas and also ranging in price. Bani Park is the most popular area for tourists to stay in Jaipur. We decided to stay close to the train station at Nahar Singh Haveli and found it was away from the busy streets and in a nice quiet area which was perfect.

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City Palace Jaipur Timings

The palace is open from 9:30am – 5pm daily. We found that the best time to have a fairly quiet visit would be to go as soon as it opens. After around 10am you’ll notice the crowds slowly starting to roll in.

Entrance fee

For a foreign tourist it costs 500 Rupees ($10 AUD) and for a foreign student it costs 300 Rupees ($6 AUD). Be sure to always bring your student ID card when visiting attractions in India as you’ll be able to get a discount.

City Palace In Jaipur - pink city jaipur - lolapan travels

What to expect

The City Palace is an amazing place to visit on your trip to Jaipur. It’s full of incredible pink architecture as well as ancient weapons, paintings and artefacts. It’s a great place to learn more about the Jaipur history as well as take photos all around the pink courtyard.

City Palace In Jaipur - pink city jaipur - lolapan travels

The pink courtyard is located to the right of the first courtyard when you enter. The City Palace is very big and you could easily spend hours strolling around from courtyard to courtyard. While you walk around, you’ll also come across the four peacock doorways. These unique golden and colourful doorways have insane detail and resemble the feathers of a peacock. You’ll be able to find amazing photo spots around every corner with detailed, colourful architecture and long walkways.

City Palace In Jaipur - pink city jaipur - lolapan travels

The earlier you get to the City Palace in Jaipur, the better chance you’ll have at a relaxing visit. As the day goes on, you’ll notice more large tour groups starting to turn up. This makes it a bit harder to walk around freely, although either way you’re still sure to have an amazing time!

City Palace In Jaipur - pink city jaipur - lolapan travels

After you’ve spent the day walking around the palace, head to Nahargarh Fort to watch an incredible sunset over the city!

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