Diyaluma Falls Ella – Swimming At Sri Lankas Second Highest Waterfall

Diyaluma Falls Ella sri lanka - Lolapan travels - things to do in ella

Diyaluma Falls Ella is Sri Lankas second highest waterfall and offers insane views from the top! This spot is a bit quieter than most in Ella since it’s slightly further away. Once you finish the 30 minute hike up, you’ll also find a swimming hole at the top which sits very close to the edge. You can easily spend all day at Diyaluma Falls and you definitely shouldn’t miss it!

How to get to Diyaluma Falls

It takes just over 1 hour to reach Diyaluma Falls by tuk tuk from Ella town. We haven’t heard of being able to get a public bus there so tuk tuk is most likely your best option. We managed to book a return tuk tuk for 4500 Sri Lankan Rupees ($35AUD). If you’re up for the drive you can also rent your own motorbike in town. Watch out for the speeding buses along the roads if you’re planning on going by motorbike. We arrived to the waterfall at sunrise and definitely recommend going as early as possible. It shouldn’t get busy but it’s amazing to have the whole place to yourself. It’s also a lot easier to do the hike in the morning before it gets hot.

Where to stay in Ella 

Ella is a small town with many of the accommodation options being located in or close to the main strip. We stayed at Relaxing Home stay and definitely recommend it! The owner was lovely, it was in a perfect location and the room was the size of a studio apartment. It’s also super affordable. Another nice place to stay is Hotel Onrock which has spacious rooms and awesome views of the surrounding mountains.

↠ Check availability: Ella accommodation

How to reach the top

There are 3 ways you can reach the top of Diyaluma Falls. You can hike up from the very bottom or you can take a tuk tuk half way and hike the rest. We’ve also heard of people being dropped off on a road which is located close to the top of the falls then walking a short 10 minutes down. Our tuk tuk driver refused to take us this way and said that it was closed but we’re not sure if this is true. If you want to try ask your tuk tuk driver to take you to the road at the very top, try get dropped off close to here then follow the path called the ‘Upper Diyaluma Trek’.

Since we were unable to walk from the very top, we hiked up from the middle. We were dropped off at a small village and there were a few locals asking if we needed a guide. We had heard of people getting guides which we didn’t think we would need. Since we were in a village and had no idea where to go, we decided we would get one.

The man asked us for 500 Sri Lankan Rupees and started to lead us behind the village houses and up the mountain. We followed him for 5 minutes then realised it was an easy path to follow. We paid him 200 Sri Lankan Rupees and completed the rest of the walk on our own. If you decide to go without a guide, be sure to keep left when the path splits. The hike from here should take roughly 20-30 minutes.

What to expect 

Diyaluma Falls Ella was definitely our favourite spot that we visited in Sri Lanka. Once you finish your hike to the top, you’ll be rewarded with the most incredible view over the Sri Lankan landscape. You can admire the endless valleys from the swimming hole located at the edge of the waterfall. You can easily spend hours relaxing in the warm sun and cooling off in the fresh water. There is also another waterfall located 5 minutes from the main one. Walk along the stream and you will quickly come across it. It’s not as popular as the other since it’s further back from the views but it’s still a great place to cool off.

Diyaluma Falls Ella sri lanka - lolapan travels

If you decide to take on the hike alone, be careful of the wild elephants that roam the area. We didn’t see any ourselves but apparently there are 2 that live in the area.

Diyaluma Falls Ella sri lanka - lolapan travels

Diyaluma Falls Ella may be slightly further away from the rest of the Ella attractions, although it’s definitely worth the extra time! If you’re looking for another great Ella viewpoint, be sure to check out Little Adams Peak.

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