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Erawan Museum is one of the most beautiful and visually appealing temples in Bangkok that is often overlooked by many tourists visiting the city. It’s not part of the main temple tour in Bangkok but it’s just as impressive, if not more stunning, than the other main temples within the city. Erawan Museum features a massive 3-headed elephant but it’s the detail and decor inside the temple that’ll take your breath away.

How to get to Erawan Museum Bangkok by BTS

Erawan Museum can be easily reached by using the reliable Bangkok BTS skytrain network. Take the Sukhumvit Line to Pua Chao Station and from there you can either walk 20 minutes or take a bus. From the station you’ll even be able to see the massive elephant in the distance so you’ll know which way to go.

If you’re not familiar with Bangkok’s public transport system or aren’t located close to a BTS , you can also catch a metered taxi or grab. If you decide to get a taxi, make sure that they have the meter running instead of negotiating a price. The meter fare is always much cheaper! It will take you roughly 30 minutes from downtown Bangkok depending on traffic.

Erawan Museum Entrance Fee 2019

The entrance fee is 400 Baht ($20 AUD) for adults and 200 Baht ($10 AUD) for children. They also provide a free audio guide if you’re interested.

Erawan Museum Opening Hours

The Erawan Museum is open daily from 9 am until 7 pm.

In the morning when we visited, there were quite a few other tour groups around although we may have just been unlucky. We’ve heard that it’s not so busy most of the time during the day. Erawan Museum isn’t part of the main Bangkok temple tour so there shouldn’t be many other tourists around.

What to Expect

Before you even enter the temple, you’ll notice the massive 3-headed elephant statue sitting on top of its pink pedestal. The statue towers over the museum at an incredible height of 43 meters, also weighing over 250 tons! It’s truly a sight to see but just wait until you get inside. The inside of the museum is divided into 3 main sections that are based around the Hindu representation of the universe. The three floors consist of the underworld, earth and heaven.

Underworld (1st Floor)

The first floor of the museum when you enter represents the underworld. Here you’ll find sculptures of mythical beings such as Nagas. The floor also features a variety of antiques and precious artefacts including vases, bowls and tea sets all from the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty.

Earth (2nd Floor)

The second floor represents earth or the human world. This level also includes a variety of art pieces and precious antiques including Thai ceramics, stained glass as well as European potteries. Here you’ll also see the beautifully decorated stairway that looks stunning in photos. The little details and tiny tiles that make up the stairway are breathtaking.

Heaven (top Floor)

The top floor represents the heavens and to get there you’ll have to take the staircase which travels up the leg of the elephant. It’s super small and very windy so you’re sure to get dizzy. If you’d prefer, there is also an elevator available. Once at the top, you’ll be inside the body and head of the elephant. The room is decorated in blue and you’ll see a vast display of Buddha relics and ancient Buddha statues from several eras. Here you’ll also see many Thai people praying.

erawan museum bangkok - lolapan travels

At the base of the elephant outside, you’ll also notice people paying their respect by floating lotus flower on water.  They believe this will help protect them from harm and allow them to have a fulfilling life. Outside there is also a very peaceful garden where you’ll find many other statues and ponds of fish which you can feed. You will even see additional elephant statues throughout the garden which you can walk under. As you walk underneath them, you’ll even hear the sound of the elephants.

Erawan Museum is a must visit while in Bangkok and definitely shouldn’t be missed. You’re sure to create some unforgettable memories and capture some perfect photographs.

Where to Stay

Bangkok is a giant city with endless accommodation options. Where you stay can also depend on what kind of activities you’d like to do while in this big city. When we visit Bangkok we like to stay close to a BTS station so we can easily access all the best shops and temples. For backpackers looking to party, we definitely recommend Khaosan Road which is full of bars and hostels.

Grand Hyatt – Luxury: The Grand Hyatt is the ultimate luxury and is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing getaway in the heart of Bangkok. This hotel is located 2 minutes from the BTS so you can easily navigate your way around the city and visit all the best shopping centres. The rooms and amenities are incredibly clean and the service is great.

Mövenpick Hotel – Midrange: Mövenpick is the perfect midrange accommodation in a central location. Located close to the BTS, you can access the whole city with no hassle. They also have a pool for the hot Bangkok days where you want to relax. You’ll have ultimate luxury for an affordable price and with great clean rooms.

Oh Bangkok Hostel – Budget: Oh Bangkok Hostel is located only a few minutes walk from the famous Khaosan Road. It’s the perfect location to walk to the many bars, clubs and restaurants. The rooms are open and clean while the staff are also very friendly. The hostel even has Netflix so you can relax after a long day.

↠ Check availability: Bangkok accommodation.

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