Fairy Stream Mui Ne – Fascinating Landscapes But Is It Worth a Visit?

fairy stream mui ne - lolapan travels

The Fairy Stream Mui Ne is a popular stop off on many tour itineraries where you’ll walk along a small stream that cuts through clay and red sandy cliffs. Although the formations are cool and interesting, the rubbish and tourist cafes that are set up along the stream take away from some of the beauty and magic.

How to get to Fairy Stream Mui Ne

To get to Mui Ne, we used 12Go to book a bus from Nha Trang. 12Go is a super cheap and reliable way to get around Vietnam and other popular Southeast Asian countries.

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Most jeep tours in Mui Ne include a stop off at the Fairy Stream along with the sand dunes but if you’re heading there yourself, it’s roughly a 5 minute drive from town. You’ll see signs indicating the Fairy Stream and you’ll have to walk up the stream just a little bit until you reach the ticket booth.

Where to stay in Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a small, laid back area with a variety of accommodation options spread all throughout town. We stayed in a quiet part of town close to Hoang Ngoc Beach Resort. This part of town is great if you want a quiet stay and looking to spend most of your time at the hotel pool. A very popular and budget friendly hotel located in the middle of town is Mui Ne Xua Cafe Hostel. This hostel has a lot of outdoor space for you to relax in, as well as classic bamboo rooms.

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Entrance Fee

Entry costs 15,000 VND ($1 AUD) per person.

Scams to watch out for!

Before walking along the stream you’ll have to take off your shoes. Watch out for people that insist on taking your shoes to look after them. They’ll charge you at the end when you try get them back. It’s best to hold onto your own shoes while walking up the stream. We’ve also heard of fake tour guides that will approach you and guide you along, asking for money at the end.

fairy stream mui ne - lolapan travels

What to Expect at Fairy Stream Mui Ne

The Fairy Stream Mui Ne has a pretty interesting and unique landscape. As you walk along the soft sand stream, you’ll weave your way through the red canyon walls. Bamboo and palm tree forests cover parts of the walk, offering some much needed shade from the sun. The walk takes roughly 10-15 minutes to reach the end.

To our disappointment, there was lots of rubbish and plastic left alongside the stream. They have also been building the place up for tourism. You’ll find cafes, little quirky crafts and restaurants that are lined up along the stream. There is even an ostrich pen where tourists ride the ostriches. Unfortunately, all of this has spoiled the natural magic and taken away from the enchanting vibes of the area.

fairy stream mui ne - lolapan travels

We personally wouldn’t have visited the Fairy Stream if it wasn’t already part of our Mui Ne Sand Dunes Jeep Tour.

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