Flinders Ranges Camping & Things To Do – The Ultimate Guide

flinders ranges camping - things to do flinders ranges - lolapan travels

Flinders Ranges Camping is some of the best outback camping experiences you’ll have. When you explore the region, the dusty red roads and insane landscape are sure to make you feel like you’re on Mars. Waking up to the spectacular morning light hitting the ancient mountain peaks and witnessing the abundance of wildlife makes the Flinders Ranges one of our all time favourite national parks. Here’s our ultimate guide to Flinders Ranges camping as well as all the best things to do!

How to get to the Flinders Ranges

Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park is located in South Australia and is roughly a 5 hour drive from the main city of Adelaide. The best way to get to there is to hire, or take your own car that can handle a bit of off-roading. This way you’ll have all the freedom to explore yourself. There are also a variety of tour options available from Adelaide if you like everything pre-organised.

There is a vehicle entry fee of $10 to enter the Flinders Ranges National Park. You can either pay online or at the tourist information centre at Wilpena Pound.

flinders ranges camping - things to do flinders ranges - lolapan travels

Flinders Ranges Camping 

There are a variety of camping options available in the Flinders Ranges National park for all types of travellers. Most of the campsites are bush camping, however you’ll still have access to drop toilets and some even provide water. You’ll have to book the campsites online or you can do it in person at Wilpena Pound tourist centre. These were some of our favourite Flinders Ranges Camping spots:

Wilpena Pound Resort & Camping

Wilpena Pound Resort is going to be your main hub in the Flinders Ranges. This is where you’ll find the tourist info centre, a small grocery store/cafe and petrol. They provide a variety of accommodation options such as modern resort rooms and also onsite camping. The rooms are going to cost you anywhere between $190 – $250AUD depending on the season and they come equipped with televisions and bathrooms.

↠ Check availability: Wilpena Pound Resort

If you’re after something more budget friendly or just prefer the outdoors, then their camping options are the perfect choice. Wilpena Pound Resort has a large campground area with both powered and unpowered sites. There are amenities available to all campers, including barbecues, hot showers, toilets and drinking water. Powered sites start at $25 for one person or $35 for two people. Unpowered sites start at $15 for one person or $25 for two people.

Acraman Campground

Acraman Campground is surrounded by beautiful mountains and is tucked away at the base of the valley. Here you’ll be shaded by plenty of trees which is much needed during the summer months. It’s a very small campground with only 4 available spaces but the surrounding scenery is incredible. It’s located along a beautiful scenic drive, making it the perfect place to stop for the night and take in the views. There is a drop toilet and water tap available.

Aroona Valley Campground

Aroona Valley Campground was recommended to us by the local at the tourist information centre. It’s accessed via a beautiful scenic drive through the valley. After a long drive on the bumpy dirt roads, you’ll reach the large campground. The campsites are well spread out so you’ll have plenty of privacy and room. You’ll also have an incredible view of the mountain range in the distance. We woke up early one morning to watch the sunrise and it was spectacular. Watching the orange morning sun-rays light up the mountain range is something we definitely recommend doing at least once in the Flinders Ranges. There are also a few drop toilets and water taps available.

Flinders Ranges Things to Do

Bunyeroo Gorge

Bunyeroo Gorge is roughly a 1 hour drive from Wilpena Pound Resort and is popular for its number of walking trails. You don’t need to hike to get an amazing view of the gorge or the Wilpena Pound range as the roads wind through the mountain side, giving you perfect views. There are also a number of picnic areas and viewpoints in Bunyeroo Gorge, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hop out of the car and admire the scenery. You’re sure to also see plenty of wildlife such as Kangaroos and even Emus. As you drive through Bunyeroo Gorge you’ll notice that the drive is incredibly open and you can see the endless landscape and mountains around you. Bunyeroo Gorge had some of the most spectacular views out of the whole Flinders Ranges.

Brachina Gorge

flinders ranges camping - things to do flinders ranges - lolapan travels

Brachina Gorge is roughly 1 and a half hours from Wilpena Pound Resort. This gorge is different to Bunyeroo Gorge because you drive along a dried up river bed on top of many rocks and pebbles. As you drive through the gorge along the river bed, you’re enclosed by two giant cliffs on either side of you. It’s a unique experience to drive along what used to be a river while being surrounded by incredibly large mountains. You wont have as many endless mountain views in this gorge although it’s a fun drive. Brachina Gorge is also home to the famous Yellow Footed Rock Wallabies. Many visitors spend their time in this gorge trying to find the small unique wallabies which hide in the hills. You’ll know it’s one of the wallabies when you see its yellow arms and yellow striped tail.

Wilpena Pound

flinders ranges camping - things to do flinders ranges - lolapan travels

Wilpena Pound is the most iconic landmark in the Flinders Ranges. The pound is a crater like structure and is often referred to as a natural amphitheatre of mountains. It is 17km long and 8km wide. You unfortunately can’t access inside Wilpena Pound although you can spot it from pretty much anywhere in the Flinders Ranges National Park. Another option is to take the St Mary Peak Hike which allows you to pretty much see inside of Wilpena Pound. This hike isn’t for the faint hearted as it takes 9 hours return and is very steep. If you follow the roads surrounding the pound, you can get an awesome look at it as it towers over you. There are also 2 air strips located close to Wilpena Pound so you can book yourself a scenic flight to view it from an incredibly unique perspective.

Sacred Canyon

flinders ranges camping - things to do flinders ranges - lolapan travels

Sacred Canyon is one of the few places where you can check out some of the Aboriginal art. Unlike most other places where the artwork is mainly paintings, here you’ll find traditional engravings into the stone walls. Sacred Canyon is a 25 minute drive from Wilpena Pound and the walk through the canyon in quite easy. Once you’re at the car park, follow the dry river bed and be sure to keep an eye out for the artwork. They can be hard to spot at first but you’ll soon see plenty of circles and symbols amongst the walls. Each engraving has its own unique meaning . The circles often refer to rockholes or springs and the arrows usually represent animal tracks like kangaroos or emus. The artworks are thousands of years old so be respectful when visiting and avoid touching them.

Razorback Lookout

Razorback lookout is in Bunyeroo Gorge and you’ll come across this mountain range if you’re driving along the scenic route. The lookout offers an incredible view of the winding dirt track across the ridge-top. It’s one of the most photographed lookouts in the Flinders Ranges and you’ll often see it everywhere. It’s still an unforgettable view and one that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. The panoramic view of the valley and serene outback landscape is hard to beat.

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