Free Things To Do In Brisbane – Top 5 Spots You Can’t Miss

free things to do in brisbane - lolapan travels

You’ll find plenty of free things to do in Brisbane, from the famous man made beach to visiting the Modern Art Gallery. During our short stay in Brisbane we found ourselves constantly finding new things to see and do. Follow this guide to find the 5 best free things to do in this gorgeous city!

Where to stay

You’ll find plenty of accommodation in Brisbane ranging from hostels to 5 star hotels. The most popular area for backpacker accommodation is located on Upper Roma Street in Petrie Terrace. On this road you’ll find hostels located right next to each other all along the street. There are plenty of hostels outside of this area although this spot is the most popular. If you’re looking for nice hotels located in the centre of all the action, you can check out the CBD (Central Business District).

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If you’re road tripping, you can also stay at Hugh Muntz Park which is roughly 30 minutes out of the city. You can stay here for a maximum of 3 nights within a 30 day period. Camping is not allowed as it’s only for sleeping in your car, van, or motorhome. This is where we stayed and found that it was the perfect spot to base ourself for out short visit to Brisbane.

Free Things To Do In Brisbane

1. Kangaroo Viewpoint

free things to do in brisbane - kangaroo viewpoint - lolapan travels

Kangaroo Viewpoint is a popular walking track which looks back over the river and the city. Many locals use this track for their morning exercise, while tourists use this spot as a great vantage point to snap a photo. Along the top of the walkway you’ll find BBQ’s and tables, making it a great place for an afternoon picnic overlooking the city. Whilst admiring the view from the top, be cautious about stepping over the brick ledge for a photo. We had a local warn us that police can fine you if they see you over the ledge. Kangaroo Viewpoint is the perfect place to get a unique view of the Brisbane city!

2. Streets Beach

free things to do in brisbane - streets beach - lolapan travels

Streets Beach was definitely one of our favourite free things to do in Brisbane. This incredible man made beach is located in the city so you’re surrounded by tall buildings whilst laying in the sand. The water is perfectly blue so you can enjoy a perfect swim all year round. Next to the man made beach there are also swimming pools so you can get away from the sand. One thing that surprised us was that it was completely open and you could walk onto the sand right from the footpath. Definitely don’t skip visiting this beach as it was the highlight of our Brisbane visit.

3. Flower Walkway

free things to do in brisbane - lolapan travels - flower walkway

You can find these beautiful flower walkways all around the surrounding area close to the Botanical Gardens. We stumbled across it as we were walking to Streets Beach, although we saw many more along the drive there. They’re gorgeous to admire and also look great in photos! It’s certainly another beautiful and unique feature to Brisbane’s city.

4. Art Gallery Of Modern Art

free things to do in brisbane - QAGOMA - lolapan travels

The Queensland Art Gallery Of Modern Art (QAGOMA) is another awesome and free activity to do while you’re in the city. Although if you’re driving, parking at the art gallery does cost $17 AUD for the day. This parking fee also allows you to visit the Museum as well as the Art Gallery Of Contemporary Art as they’re also located next to each other. The Modern Art Gallery had some beautiful artworks on display and we spent a long time exploring the large gallery. Visiting the art galleries is one of the most popular free things to do in Brisbane. The QAGOMA is such a great way to spend a few hours strolling around indoors and admiring some cool artwork.

5. Pillar St Outdoor Art

free things to do in brisbane - lolapan travels

Located 3 minutes from the QAGOMA, you’ll find large art murals painted on bridge pillars. If you’re coming from the art gallery, you can walk along Montague Road until you see the large pillars. You can also drive around and view all the unique and colourful artworks. Unfortunately most of the pillars are located inside a closed carpark, although some are out on the streets so you can go right up to them. The artwork is incredibly detailed and definitely worth a look after visiting the art gallery.

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