Galle Fort – Beautiful European Architecture In Sri Lanka

Galle Fort sri lanka - lolapan travels - things to do unawatuna

Galle Fort is a beautiful small town located nearby to Unawatuna. This originally Dutch town is open to foreigners and locals who want to experience European architecture in Sri Lanka. You can explore Galle Fort all day and visit spots like the lighthouse and the clock tower. You can even do some shopping at the super trendy shops!

How to get to Galle Fort

We visited Galle Fort from Unawatuna. We drove ourselves on our moped which we rented for 1000 Rupees ($7 AUD) and it took us roughly 15 minutes. Another easy way to reach Galle Fort is to hop in a tuk tuk. You can also get on a public bus which stops close to the fort. The are plenty of frequent buses that are headed towards Galle. The fort is also free to enter.

Where to stay 

There are plenty of places to stay within the main area of Unawatuna. We decided to stay slightly further from the main area at Villa Sunimal. It was in a nice quiet location with large rooms and just over a 5 minute walk to the main strip of Unawatuna.. If you’re looking for something right in the action, you can check out Tartaruga Beach Resort which is one of the main hotels on the beach. It’s the perfect hotel to unwind and have a drink while relaxing on the beach.

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Galle Fort Attractions

Galle Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a popular place to relax along the very edge of the fort. The beautiful lighthouse is surrounded by tall palm trees, green grass and also has a view of the ocean. We spent a while sitting on the grass around the lighthouse admiring the surrounding scenery and taking a break from exploring the fort. There is even a beach located right in front of the lighthouse where you’ll find many locals going for a swim.

Galle Fort Clock Tower

Galle Fort sri lanka - lolapan travels

The Galle Fort Clock tower is another beautiful and impressive structure. Located on the opposite side of the fort from the lighthouse, admiring the clock tower makes you forget that your in Sri lanka! The structure is traditional European style and you can also wander around the clock tower for some more unique buildings and views.


Galle Fort sri lanka - lolapan travels

We absolutely loved shopping inside the fort! There were so many hip and trendy clothing stores that we couldn’t resist buying some stuff. We definitely recommend visiting ‘KK The Collection’. Lola bought a pair of jeans and they had so many cute house decorations and clothes for men and women. You’re sure to come across plenty of unique shops as you wander around the fort.


Galle Fort sri lanka - lolapan travels

The fort is absolutely filled with amazing looking restaurants. From pizza to burgers to ice cream, you can find just about anything! These cafes were a bit out of our price range although for someone on holiday, it’s the perfect place to stop for a break while exploring the fort.

We definitely recommend visiting the fort as it was one of our favourite things we did in Unawatuna! We didn’t expect to love it so much but it has a charm about it which will make you fall in love. Don’t forget to also check out Jungle Beach which is on the way back to Unawatuna.

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