Gardens By The Bay Light Show – Garden Rhapsody Show Time & Guide

Gardens by the bay light show - lolapan travels

The Gardens By The Bay Light Show is a special sight to see while visiting Singapore and should not be missed. The Garden Rhapsody Show is on twice a night and both tourists and locals gather at Supertree Grove to watch the famous man made trees put on a display of colourful lights and uplifting music. It is fun for all ages and is the perfect way to end your night in Singapore. There is so much to see and do at Gardens By The Bay, and the light show is only a tiny part of what this amazing place has to offer.

Where to stay

The best area to stay to easily access Gardens By The Bay is along Marina Bay. We found The Fullerton Hotel to be the perfect place as it’s in a central location close to many Singapore attractions while also being walking distance to the gardens. The Fullerton Hotel is a 5 star luxury hotel and also a landmark in Singapore. It actually used to be a post office many years ago and the hotel has kept the original architecture. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury getaway in Singapore, look no further! From it’s incredible architecture, infinity pool, delicious food and insane room views, there’s no doubt as to why The Fullerton Hotel is one of Singapores best. We can’t recommend this place enough.

Gardens By The Bay Light Show Guide

gardens by the bay light show - lolapan travels

Gardens By The Bay Light Show Times

The light show takes place twice every night and is on for 15 minutes. The first show is on at 7:45pm and the second is on at 8:45pm.

Is Gardens by the bay light show free?

Yes! You won’t have to pay any entrance fee to watch the light show. Simply head to the Supertree Grove and enjoy the colourful light displays and music. If you are interested in watching the light show from a unique perspective, you can head up to the OCBC Skyway which is an aerial walkway that connects 2 of the giant Supertrees. Entry to the Skyway costs $8 per adult and $5 per child. From here you’ll have the best seat in the house for the light show.

How to get to Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay is centrally located in the city just next to Marina Bay and is very easy to access. Depending on how far your accommodation is, you can either walk to the gardens or take the MRT. Walking around the marina to the gardens is a perfect way to see the city so we definitely recommend it.

If you’re staying too far away, you can also take the MRT. The closest MRT station is ‘Bayfront’ which is located on the Downtown Line and Circle Line. Taking the MRT is one of the cheaper ways to get there and is very easy. Once you arrive to Bayfront station, you’ll just have to follow the signs to take the right exit. If you’re not staying close to an MRT, you can also take a taxi.

What to expect

The Gardens By The Bay light show (also known as Garden Rhapsody) is a big attraction and is well known all throughout Singapore. Tourists and locals of all ages visit the gardens to watch the light show. It’s the perfect way to finish of a day exploring this beautiful city.

Since the show is completely free and so magical, you might find that it can get a bit crowded standing right underneath the Supertrees. One way you can avoid the crowds is by trying to find a higher place to watch the light show from. You can pay $8 per adult to head up to the OCBC Skyway for an undefeated view of the Supertrees. You’ll be right in the centre of all the colourful lights and fun uplifting music.

A special feature of the light show is that it is always changing. You could visit twice in one month and the show would look completely different! During certain periods, you will find that the music and colours of the light show change depending on the theme they have chosen. One month they even had the theme ‘A World Of Fantasy’ which showcased music inspired by The Little Mermaid and Pinocchio. Visiting the light show is a must and we definitely recommend it to everyone visiting Singapore!

Other things to do at gardens by the bay

cloud forest singapore - lolapan travels - gardens by the bay

Not only is night spectacular at Gardens By The Bay, but during the day you’ll find a variety of amazing things to do and see. From the Cloud Forest to the Flower Dome, there is so much to experience. Keep reading to find out more about the incredible sights at Gardens By The Bay!

Gardens By The Bay Entrance Fee

Entry varies depending on how many conservatories you’d like to visit.

To visit 2 conservatories costs $20 SGD per adult and $12 SGD per child. To visit 1 conservatory costs $12 SGD per adult and $8 SGD per child. If you’re a local you will also get a discount.

Entry into the newest attraction called ‘Floral Fantasy’ costs $20 SGD per adult and $12 SGD per child.

All the conservatories and attractions are amazing and definitely worth the price! You can either buy your tickets online or at the ticket booth once you arrive.

Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest is the most popular conservatory at Gardens By The Bay and there’s no doubt as to why. With 6 levels featuring sky walks shrouded in lush greenery and mist as well as viewpoints overlooking the entire conservatory. You’re sure to spend hours walking around each level learning about all the different types of plants, as well as taking some amazing photos.

As soon as you enter, you’ll be amazed by the worlds tallest indoor waterfall which stands at 30 metres. Our favourite part of the Cloud Forest was the incredible sky walks which allow you to walk through all the mist and view everything from a unique perspective.

Flower Dome

flower dome singapore - lolapan travels

The Flower Dome is a magical conservatory full of exotic colourful flowers which are from 5 different continents. The giant dome is 1.2 hectares and is the largest glass greenhouse in the world, so there is no shortage of things to see. The flower dome is ever changing with new fun and exciting exhibits and statues popping up in the centre of the dome.

If you start to get hungry, you’ll even find a restaurant inside the Flower Dome. The Fennel Cafe offers casual all day dining while Pollen provides an elegant dining experience. Stopping by either of these restaurants is an incredibly unique dining experience.

Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy is the newest attraction at Gardens By The Bay. It is certainly just as spectacular as all the others! As soon as you walk in, you are overwhelmed with the delightful smell of thousands of fresh flowers. You’ll find beautiful flowers hanging from the roof, as well as completely covering the walls.

floral fantasy singapore - lolapan travels

There are 4 different gardens within Floral Fantasy which each showcase a different concept. There is Dance, Float, Waltz and Drift. Dance is symbolised by giant balls of flowers suspended from the ceiling, moving simultaneously up and down. Float is a water stream which passes through grassy knolls. Waltz features rain falling from the ceiling and an overflowing amount of flowers all along the walls. Last but not least, Drift is a cave like space with rock formations and soft lighting for a relaxing atmosphere. There is also a 4D ride at the very end of the exhibit which we definitely recommend trying out.

Gardens By The Bay is one of the best places to visit in Singapore and we highly recommend visiting. Whether you go during the day or at night to check out the light show, you’re sure to have an incredible time.

Where to stay in Singapore

For someone looking to stay in the heart of Singapore and treat themselves to a bit of luxury, Marina Bay is definitely the area for you! For someone on a budget, Little India is the cheapest area with a variety of hostels. No matter where you stay, you’ll be able to access all the city’s best attractions. Bugis is also a great place to stay with plenty of shops and accommodation for all budgets.

The Fullerton HotelLuxury: The Fullerton Hotel is the ultimate luxury getaway in the heart of Marina Bay. Once a post office, this hotel is full of history and incredible architecture. The rooms are perfectly clean with unbeatable views of Marina Bay and you’ll also find a variety of delicious restaurants inside the hotel. The staff are super friendly and are ready to help you with whatever you need! Finishing off your day at the hotels infinity pool is the perfect way to relax after exploring Singapore.

Hotel 1888 Collection – Midrange: Hotel 1888 Collection is a short 5 minute walk from Chinatown MRT with a variety of restaurants nearby. The rooms are clean, the staff are friendly and you’ll even find a large projector screen in your room to watch movies! If you’re looking to stay close to Chinatown and explore the area, then this place is perfect.

Bond Boutique Capsule HotelBudget:  This unique capsule hotel is situated in the perfect spot in the heart of Bugis. You’re only a short walk away from the nearest MRT which means you’ll be able to get around with ease. This hotel has clean rooms, comfy beds and friendly staff. If you’re looking to save some money while visiting Singapore, then you should definitely check out this place.

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