Handara Gate Bali – The Instagram Famous Bali Gateway

Handara Gate Bali – The Instagram Famous Bali Gateway

The Handara Gate Bali is a photography hotspot among tourists and photographers. It has quickly become popular all thanks to Instagram. This structure looks as if it is the entrance to a temple. However it is simply an entrance to a golf course.

How to get to Handara Gate Bali

The Handara Golf Course gate is located 1 hour 30 minutes away from Canggu. We drove to the gate on our scooter directly after visiting Ulun Danu Bratan Water Temple as they are only 5 minutes away from each other. Additionally, you can rent a driver through one of the many tour agencies that provide customized tours.

Best time to visit Handara Gate Bali

There is no specific opening time for the gate as its just on the side of a main road so you are free to go anytime. We arrived to the Handara Golf Course gate just after 8am and there were only 3 other photographers. Everyone was happy to take turns taking photos in front of the gate so that we all had a chance to get our shots. By 10am there were a few mini vans of tourists pulling up to take photos.

Entrance fee

30k IDR per person

Handara Gate Bali - lolapan travels

What to expect at Handara Gate Bali

Unfortunately, due to its popularity, the locals have recently set up a station where you must pay just to take a photo in front of the gate. If you are staying at the resort located at the golf course then you will be able to take photos in front of the gate for free.

The dark Balinese style and massive size of the gate looks incredible in photos which makes it a very popular spot for tourists and Instagrammers. It’s best to head there as early as possible to beat the crowds. In the early hours of the morning you’ll also be able to capture some light rays that shine through. During midday plenty of tour vans that start to turn up.

Handara Gate Bali - lolapan travels

If you’re in Bali, this gateway is a must to visit! It is impossible to get a bad photo and is a great quick and easy morning trip.


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