Hikkaduwa Beach – Popular Beach Filled With Sea Life

hikkaduwa beach - sri lanka - lolapan travels

Hikkaduwa Beach is a lovely stretch of beach located on the main road of Hikkaduwa. It’s best known for its snorkeling and marine animals which can be found very close to shore. If you visit in the right season, you can also spot giant sea turtles both in the water and along the sand.

How to get to Hikkaduwa Beach 

The beach is very easy to find so you should have no trouble accessing it. If you’re staying in Hikkaduwa, most accommodation is only a short walk away. If you’re visiting from one of the neighbouring areas, there are plenty of other options. You can either drive yourself on a moped, take a tuk tuk or a local bus. There are many local buses which frequently pass Hikkaduwa so you will be able to get to the beach with no problem.

Where to stay in Hikkaduwa 

Theres a wide variety of accommodation options all throughout Hikkaduwa. We stayed close to Hikkaduwa Beach at Hotel Happy Tuna. This guesthouse had small rooms although it had a large, open restaurant area where you could sit to yourself while the kitchen was closed. It’s also located in a quiet street not far from the beach. For a more luxury hotel, you can check out Hikka Tranz which is one of the larger hotels in the area and is located right on the ocean front.

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What to expect 

Hikkaduwa Beach stretches throughout the whole town and is most famous for its large variety of marine life. Many people venture to this beach just to try catch a glimpse of the giant sea turtles which often populate the area. We unfortunately didn’t get to see any, although we did see many different types of fish swimming in the water. The fish swim very close to the shore so we didn’t even have to rent a snorkel to see them. If you’re looking to swim further out and having a look at the coral, we definitely recommend renting a snorkel.

hikkaduwa beach - sri lanka - lolapan travels

Most of the beach has many small beach front hotels and restaurants. You’ll easily be able to grab something to eat or drink without going too far. There were also quite a few boats parked close to shore, although if you walk further down the beach you can avoid them.

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