Hoi An River Basket Tour with KKday Travel – A Local Experience

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The Hoi An River Basket Tour is an incredible way to experience local culture and way of life as you paddle along a river in a traditional bamboo-woven basket boat. It’s a unique Vietnamese experience that shouldn’t be missed if you’re in Hoi An. We went with KKday Travel for a private tour and we had such an awesome time exploring the river.

How to get to Hoi An

To get to Hoi An, we used 12Go to book a van from Da Nang. 12Go is a super cheap and reliable way to get around Vietnam and other popular Southeast Asian countries.

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Where to stay in Hoi An

Accommodation in Hoi An is spread out all over the area. We definitely recommend staying close to the Ancient Town as this has the most restaurant options, and you can also explore the night market in the town. Nha Lan Homestay is a cute accommodation option with colourful rooms located right near the Ancient Town. If you’re looking for luxury, Green Heaven Hoi An Resort is a beautiful traditional hotel with a pool and in a great area.

↠ Check availability: Hoi An accommodation.

Tour Price & Hours

The Hoi An River Basket Tour costs 630,000 VND ($37 AUD) per person with KKday Travel. This includes pick up and drop off, entrance fees, water and also a Vietnamese style lunch. You’ll need 2 people as a minimum to book the tour. If your traveling solo, you’ll have to pay an additional 50%.

The tour runs for 3 hours and you’ll be able to pick what time you prefer to go. The tour is available from 7am – 4pm daily.

What to Expect

The Hoi An River Basket Tour was a great way to experience local culture and something we definitely recommend doing in Hoi An. Riding in the traditional boats was such a unique way to see the Hoi An river and surrounding scenery. The traditional boats are woven out of bamboo in the shape of a basket and can actually hold up to 5 people despite how small they look. The locals also paddle the boat in an interesting way due to the shape of the basket. After cruising through the water coconut forest, you’ll learn how to catch fish and crabs the local way.

hoi an river basket tour - lolapan travels

Hoi An River Basket Tour Itinerary

We chose to do the tour at 8am to avoid the midday heat. After being picked up from our hotel, we enjoyed a scenic drive through the Vietnamese countryside. You’ll pass by local farms, water buffalo and plenty of rice fields before arriving at the river.


We enjoyed some Vietnamese coffee with our friendly host while waiting for the rain to pass. Luckily the skies started to clear up and the sun soon started to shine. As we decided to do the tour in the morning, we tried some delicious Mi Quang for breakfast before heading out. Mi Quang is a popular Vietnamese noodle dish with pork, shrimp and eggs. After finishing breakfast we were full and had plenty of energy to take on the day.

hoi an river basket tour - lolapan travels

Head through the palm forest

You’ll soon climb into one of the bamboo river baskets before being shown around the Hoi An river by your local guide. They will show you their daily routine which is cool to experience first hand. While cruising through the water coconut forest, your guide will also show you how to weave crafts with coconut leaves. Our guide made us some glasses and also some unique pattern rings!

hoi an river basket tour - lolapan travels

Local Fishing and Crab Catching

Once you’ve made your way out of the palm forest, you’ll be able to try your luck at catching fish and crabs. We joined a local fisherman and learnt the local fishing technique. He showed us how to cast the net out into the river but unfortunately we didn’t catch anything. It’s a lot trickier than it looks but hopefully you’ll have some better luck!

hoi an river basket tour - lolapan travels

While heading back, you’ll pass by the river coconut trees but this time you’ll have a go at catching the crabs that are located at the base of the trees. They use a special local technique which involves a small bit of bait attached to some string. When you dangle the bait near the crabs, they hook onto it and you can quickly pull it back while the crab is still holding on. We were more successful with the crabs and managed to catch two ourselves.

hoi an river basket tour - lolapan travels

Head back to Hoi An

After a morning of boating, we returned to the Fishermans home and thanked him before heading back to our accommodation in Hoi An. The Hoi An river basket tour was such a unique way to experience local life. We definitely recommend checking it out. We had the most amazing time with KKday Travel and definitely recommend them for some awesome tours around Hoi An.

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