Ice Hotel Kiruna – One Of The Most Unique Hotels Ever!

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Ice Hotel Kiruna is one of the most unique and crazy hotels you can experience! Found in northern Sweden, the Ice Hotel is famous for being completely made out of ice. Everything from the rooms, bed frames, hotel bar, cups as well as the tables are all made of ice. You’ll also find the famous Ice Bar located here. We were fortunate enough to have a tour of the hotel and see how it all works.

How to get to the Ice Hotel Kiruna

The best way to explore northern Sweden is by car. The Ice Hotel is roughly a 20 minute drive from Kiruna town and is also a 15 minute drive from Kiruna airport. If you’re unable to drive, you can also get the 501 bus from Kiruna bus station in town which drops you right outside the Ice Hotel.

Ice Hotel Kiruna Prices

The Ice Hotel also has normal warm cabin rooms starting from SEK 2000 ($313 AUD), or you can sleep in one of the specially designed ice rooms which can start from roughly SEK 5500 ($860 AUD) per night. You can check here for the latest rates and availability.

What to expect 

The Ice Hotel is a super crazy concept and people travel to Sweden just to experience it. We were shown around the back of the hotel to see how the ice is stored and maintained. The ice for the hotel actually comes from the river which is located right outside the hotel and kept in the warehouse.

Additionally, every room in the ice hotel has a different design and theme. Some are minimalistic while others have giant crazy ice statues. We were able to walk into each unique room and see all the different beautiful designs. As you could imagine, the inside of the hotel is very cold. The whole hotel stays at roughly -5 degrees celcius so be sure to bring some warm jackets!

The hotel is also home to the famous ‘Ice Bar’. You’ll find everything in the bar made of ice. From the chandelier on the roof to all the cups, as well as tables and chairs, you won’t find anything that isn’t made of ice. Hanging out and taking photos in the Ice Bar is a super cool experience and something you won’t forget.

We had such an amazing time learning about the Ice Hotel and we definitely recommend visiting or even staying!


  1. May 14, 2019 / 8:44 am

    So cool guys!!! We are in the early stages of planning a trip to Scandinavia (next Sept 2020) so I am reading every blog I can about the different experiences. It will probably be a once in a lifetime opportunity coming from Melbourne!!!

    • Lolapan Travels
      May 15, 2019 / 1:46 am

      Wow that’s soo exciting! You’ll have the most amazing time! Especially going from Melbourne. Thank you for reading our blog 🙂

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