Instagrammable Places In Bangkok – Top 10 Most Unique Photo Spots

Instagrammable Places In Bangkok instagram spots

There are plenty of instagrammable places in Bangkok to take some amazing photos that will make your instagram stand out. Bangkok is known for its stunning temples, incredible city skyline as well as its unique markets. Here are some of our favourite instagram spots in Bangkok with a few of our own hidden gems and secrets that not many people know about!

Top 10 Most Instagrammable Places In Bangkok

Mahanakhon Skywalk

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The Mahanakhon Skywalk is one of the newest attractions in Bangkok and it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. The massive skyscraper is a staggering 78 floors and is 310 meters high. It’s one of Thailand’s highest observation decks and the view is just as breathtaking as you would think! Not only is the observation deck a great way to see the city skyline, but there is also a glass floor where you can look at the beautiful city right below your feet. Mahanakhon Skywalk is a magical way to experience and capture Bangkok. It’s still new so get in there quick before it becomes one of the most instagrammable places in Bangkok.

Tickets cost 1050 Baht ($50 AUD) which will give you access to all levels, including the indoor observatory on the 74th floor as well as the skywalk on the 78th floor. Mahanakhon Skywalk is open daily from 10 AM until Midnight, however last admission is at 11 PM. For more details about Mahanakhon Skywalk, you can read our full blog post here.

Maeklong Railway Market

The Maeklong Railway Market is one of the most unique spots in Bangkok for a photo. As the name suggests, it’s a traditional Thai market that is set on an active train track. A couple times a day the train will pass through the market. Stalls take down their awnings and make way for the train as it comes by, inches away from the food. You’re able to stand beside the train track and witness the train pass right in front of you. Once the train passes by, everything goes back to normal.

Erawan Museum

Erawan Museum is one of the most beautiful and visually appealing temples in Bangkok that is often overlooked by many tourists visiting the city. It’s not part of the main temple tour in Bangkok but it’s just as impressive, if not more stunning, than the other temples within the city. Erawan Museum features a massive 3-headed elephant but it’s the detail and decor inside the temple that’ll take your breath away. It has a unique pink colour, as well as stunning details all along the mosaic stairway which makes it one of the best instagrammable places in Bangkok. The temples pink interior and intricate architecture makes this place one of our favourite instagram spots in Bangkok.

The entrance fee is 400 Baht ($20 AUD) for adults and 200 Baht ($10 AUD) for children. They also provide a free audio guide if you’re interested. The Erawan Museum is open daily from 9 am until 7 pm. For more details about Erawan Museum, you can read our full blog post here.

Samut Prakan Ancient City

Samut Prakan Ancient City is a massive garden temple complex with a variety of unique temples and structures that look incredible. The complex reflects Thailand and the different styles in each region. Each region has its own traditional Thai style that differs from one another. Throughout the grounds, you’ll find over 100 significant structures of Thailand, including temples, palaces, floating markets, Buddha images and shrines.

The grounds are so big that you’ll most likely have to rent a bicycle or even a golf cart to see the whole complex. Samut Prakan Ancient City is located outside of central Bangkok which is why you won’t find many other foreigners here. This temple is one of the best instagrammable places in Bangkok as there is such a variety of photo spots.

Wat Arun

Wat Arun would have to be one of the most instagrammable places in Bangkok. It’s one of the most popular temples in Bangkok and for good reason. Wat Arun is located right along the river and is also known as the temple of the dawn because of the beautiful sunset that sets behind it. This white temple is covered in small and unique mosaic patterns which are the perfect backdrop to any instagram photo. As this is one of the most popular instagram spots in Bangkok, we recommend visiting as early as possible to avoid the crowds.

The temple is open from 8AM – 5:30PM and entry is 50 Baht ($2.50 AUD) per person. Like all temples in Thailand, there is a dress code. Make sure to wear respectful clothing that covers your shoulders and knees.

Rot Fai Night Market

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The Rot Fai Night Market is one of the best night markets in Bangkok and the colourful view from above is spectacular. This night market is popular among locals as it has a huge variety of delicious Thai dishes and desserts. You’ll also find great clothing, jewellery and accessories. The best part about the market is of course the incredible view from a building above. As the sun sets and the stall lights come on, the whole market lights up into a rainbow field. To reach the viewpoint, walk into the shopping centre across from the night market and enter the upper levels of the car park. From here you’ll be able to witness the insane rainbow coloured tents and watch the busy crowds from above.

Finishing your night off at this viewpoint is a super nice way to end your evening out at the night market! Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market is certainly the full package and you’re sure to have an awesome night out trying delicious food and buying some new items. For more details and what you can expect to find at the market, be sure to read our full blog post here.

Floating Market

The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is one of the most iconic spots in Bangkok. Visiting the market is a unique experience in itself, however you’re sure to also come out with some amazing pictures. The floating market is set on a river canal where there are plenty of locals on longtail boats selling all sorts of goods. Hire a boat to take you around for the day and you’ll be able to shop out on the water. The boats can also take you along the canals to different parts of the market as well as other points of interests like temples and local villages.

There are also plenty of good vantage points along the market to get a top down view of the boats and shops below. Be sure to check out some of the delicious Thai food and snacks while you’re at the market. It’s super cheap and incredibly delicious!

Wat Benchamabophit

Wat Benchamabophit, otherwise known as the marble temple, is one of the most picturesque temples in Bangkok. The temple is one of the best instagrammable places in Bangkok due to its unique colour and design. It’s full of marble floors and large marble columns from floor to ceiling. The traditional Thai roof is also full of beautiful colours and gold details. There is an incredible archway that looks out onto the open courtyard which is the perfect spot to line up a photo. All along the sides of the courtyard you’ll also notice hundreds of different Buddha statues.

The entrance fee is 20 Baht ($1 AUD) per person. The opening times for Wat Benchamabophit are from 6am till 5:30pm. Tour groups start to arrive at 10am so its best to get there early. You’ll be able to take some amazing photographs and have the whole place to yourself.

Wat Saket

Wat Saket, otherwise known as the Golden Mount, is another temple in Bangkok but it’s not as popular as the others. The temple features a beautiful spiral staircase that wraps around the base, taking you all the way to the top. There are about 300 steps in total but the view from the top is worth it! There is a courtyard at the top with beautiful views looking back over the city as well as a massive Golden Chedi. Along the edges you’ll find hundreds of bells and leaf shaped ornaments that you can write your name on and hang up.

Lebua State Tower

Thanks to the feature in the Hangover movie, Lebua State Tower is now one of the most famous viewpoints in Bangkok. This luxury 5-star hotel in Bangkok features an open sky bar that is open to the public. You’ll have to dress up into something formal, otherwise you’ll be turned away. Once at the top, you’ll have a 360 panoramic view overlooking the incredible city skyline. Lebua State Tower is one of the best instagrammable places in Bangkok as the view you get is unbeatable. It’s best to visit just as the sun sets so you can witness the sky light up in colour. Be sure to also stick around until the city lights come on as that’s when the city looks its best!

There is no entrance fee, however you will have to buy a drink or two. As expected, prices for the drinks are not the cheapest, but it’s definitely worth it for the view. We definitely recommend checking it out at least once while in Thailand!

Getting around Bangkok

Bangkok is a massive city and if it’s your first time, it can seem a little daunting trying to navigate around. It’s actually super easy to get around Bangkok as they have plenty of transport options. There are primarily 3 ways of getting around Bangkok.


The trains in Bangkok are our preferred way of getting around the city. They are incredibly cheap, easy to use and efficient. You’ll always find a train station for where you need to go and you’ll also skip the chaotic street traffic. There are two train systems in Bangkok. The BTS is the skytrain system that takes you around to the most frequent parts of the city. Everything in the city is quite close so the train rides are very quick. The MRT is the subway system that will also take you around the city as well as other parts of Bangkok.

You can buy tickets at each station at an automated ticket machine or at one of the ticket counters. Prices start at 16 Baht and increase per stop.


Taxis can also be used to get around the city but can be annoying due to the traffic situation in Bangkok. A 10 minute trip can often take longer than 30 minutes which is why we generally stick to the trains. Taxis come in bright yellow, green or pink colours and you’ll be able to call them almost anywhere beside a road. Our only advice when getting into Taxis is to make sure that the metre is ON before you start driving. The metre rate will always be cheaper than a rate the driver quotes a tourist.

Tuk-Tuks are an iconic form of transport in Thailand. They’re mainly used to travel very short distances as they can be very expensive, especially for tourists.


If you’re the type of traveller that likes to have everything planned out for you, Tours are a great way to see the city. They’re the more expensive option, but you’ll have peace of mind as you are taken around the city. There are plenty of temple tours, food tours and local guides that will show you beautiful Bangkok and everything it has to offer.

Best Time to visit Bangkok

Bangkok is a year round destination but the best time to explore the city is when it’s cooler. The best time to explore Bangkok is between November and February. This is during the cool season, with comfortable daytime temperatures and no rain. The best weather for visiting the Thai islands also fall between these months, so it’s the perfect time to plan a Krabi itinerary and visit the beautiful Thailand islands

The hottest months in Bangkok are from March until June. During this period, daytime temperatures are incredibly humid and hot, making it very uncomfortable when walking around. Bangkok’s rainy season lasts from July until October. It will usually be overcast during the day with heavy rainstorms in the late afternoon.

Where to stay in Bangkok

Bangkok is a giant city with endless accommodation options. Where you stay can also depend on what kind of activities you’d like to do while in this big city. When we visit Bangkok we like to stay close to a BTS station so we can easily access all the best shops and temples. For backpackers looking to party, we definitely recommend Khao San Road which is full of bars and hostels.

Grand Hyatt – Luxury: The Grand Hyatt is the ultimate luxury and is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing getaway in the heart of Bangkok. This hotel is located 2 minutes from the BTS so you can easily navigate your way around the city and visit all the best shopping centres. The rooms and amenities are incredibly clean and the service is great.

Mövenpick Hotel – Midrange: Mövenpick is the perfect mid-range accommodation in a central location. Located close to the BTS, you can access the whole city with no hassle. They also have a pool for the hot Bangkok days where you want to relax. You’ll have ultimate luxury for an affordable price and with great clean rooms.

Oh Bangkok Hostel – Budget: Oh Bangkok Hostel is located only a few minutes walk from the famous Khao San Road. It’s the perfect location to walk to the many bars, clubs and restaurants. The rooms are open and clean while the staff are also very friendly. The hostel even has Netflix so you can relax after a long day.

↠ Check availability: Bangkok accommodation.

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