Instagrammable Places In Sydney – Best Hidden Gems Plus A Route Map!

Instagrammable Places In Sydney - lolapan travels

There are plenty of Instagrammable places in Sydney to take some amazing photos. If you’re planning to visit Sydney or are trying to find some new locations to shoot at, be sure to keep reading for all of our best Sydney hidden gems.

Where to stay in Sydney

Sydney is a large city with plenty of attractions to see. If you’re looking for somewhere convenient, The Hilton Sydney is located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. You’ll be walking distance from all of the city’s main attractions as well as shops, bars and you’ll also have easy access to transport. If you’re backpacking or looking to connect with other travellers, Noahs Backpackers Bondi Beach is a popular option and it’s just a 2 minute walk to the famous Bondi Beach!

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12 Most Instagrammable Places In Sydney

Bronte Baths (Viewpoint)

Bronte Baths Sydney - lolapan travels - Instagrammable Places In Sydney

Bronte Beach and the Bronte Baths are a very popular spot for taking photographs. The white stairways leading to the crystal clear pool by the ocean looks perfect but what many people don’t know is that there is a hidden viewpoint overlooking the whole beach and pool. Follow the pathway beside the pool until you reach the end. From here, climb up the rocks on the right for a unique view over Bronte. We managed to find an awesome spot under the rocks where no one else was around.

Diamond Bay

Instagrammable Places In Sydney - lolapan travels

Diamond Bay features beautiful stairs and old ruins that are built into the side of a massive cliff by the ocean. This area is popular because of the coastal walk, however many people still miss the cliffside stairway. You can leave the coastal walk and climb down to the stone doorway. The doorway leads out onto the cliffs edge, providing some great coastal views.

The Grounds of Alexandria

Instagrammable Places In Sydney - lolapan travels

The Grounds of Alexandria is a beautiful stylised garden with markets, cafes and flower shops. They change the theme of the grounds every often so it’s always exciting to revisit and get new unique photos. The Grounds of Alexandria is a trendy place that gets quite busy so be sure to get in there early to take photos.

Palm Beach Sydney (Barrenjoey Lighthouse)

palm beach sydney - lolapan travels - Instagrammable Places In Sydney

Palm Beach, particularly the view from Barrenjoey Lighthouse, is one of our favourite spots to take photos in Sydney. It’s a 1 hour drive from Sydney CBD, however it’s worth it! The viewpoint from the top of Barrenjoey lighthouse provides incredible views back over the golden sand and clear waters. Palm beach is definitely one of the best Instagrammable places in Sydney and it’s also perfect for a day trip.

Lincolns Rock Blue Mountains

lincolns rock blue mountains - lolapan travels - Instagrammable Places In Sydney

Lincolns Rock in the Blue Mountains is an unfenced lookout area that is super easy to access. The lookout provides breathtaking views over the mountain landscape. It’s only a 2 minute walk from the carpark which you can’t beat for the view you get! This is also the perfect spot to watch the sun go down over the valley.

Nielsen Park

Instagrammable Places In Sydney - lolapan travels

Nielsen Park is one of our favourite local beaches and park area. The clear waters and bright white sand make this spot perfect for a beach photo. You can explore along the rocks or even swim out to the surrounding shark net. The water looks incredibly blue and clear, making this spot a tropical paradise.

Sydney Opera House & Bridge

Instagrammable Places In Sydney - lolapan travels

The Sydney Opera House & Harbour Bridge are one of the most popular Instagrammable places in Sydney and there’s a great reason for it. The incredible architecture makes these iconic landmarks very picturesque and photogenic. Even though this is one of the most iconic spots in Sydney, we guarantee you’ll find some cool unique angles if you explore and wander around. We’ve been back here plenty of times and always end up getting new photos.

Macquarie Lighthouse Vaucluse

Macquarie Lighthouse in Vaucluse is not a popular spot for photography but we just love this awesome white lighthouse. This spot is great on a clear sunny day as the sun gives the lighthouse a whitewashed, clean feel. The lighthouse has some interesting history behind it. It was actually the first, and is the longest serving lighthouse in Australia.

Parsley Bay Bridge

Instagrammable Places In Sydney - lolapan travels

Parsley Bay Bridge is a little bay hidden in the heart of the Eastern Suburbs. The white footbridge connects both sides of the bay and below it you’ll be able to see the clear blue water. This area is very quiet and you won’t find many other people around, especially during the week. If you head there for sunrise, you’ll be able to capture the sun rays just as they peak through the trees.

Clovelly Rock Pools

Instagrammable Places In Sydney - lolapan travels

Clovelly is a popular beach amongst locals and is perfect for those that hate sand. There are concrete platforms and promenades on both sides of the bay. The beachside pool is great for photos, however there are also hidden rock pools if you’re looking for something more natural. Explore along the rocky coastline and you’re sure to find yourself a peaceful and quiet spot to enjoy a refreshing dip.

Hornby Lighthouse

Instagrammable Places In Sydney - lolapan travels

Hornby Lighthouse is another cool and quirky lighthouse found at the end of Watsons Bay. The lighthouse is accessible via the walking trail that starts at Camp Cove. The iconic white and red stripes make this a fun spot to shoot at while enjoying incredible views of the Sydney Harbour.

Bondi Beach

Instagrammable Places In Sydney - lolapan travels

Lastly there’s Bondi Beach, another iconic location that’s not to be missed when visiting Sydney. Bondi Beach is one of the most Instagrammable places in Sydney as well as one of the most iconic spots in Australia. The beach is full of people and surfers on a hot summers day. However, if you head there for sunrise you’ll almost have the beach to yourself, aside from the early morning runners.

instagrammable places in sydney - lolapan travels

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