Karang Boma Cliff Uluwatu – The Best Sunset Viewpoint In Bali

karang boma cliff - uluwatu cliff spot - lolapan travels

Karang Boma Cliff is one of the most scenic and incredible Uluwatu cliff top viewpoints in Bali. If you visit at sunset, you’ll be sure to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets ever! Karang Boma Cliff is definitely an up and coming gem so be sure to visit before it becomes full of tourists.

How to get to Karang Boma Cliff

From Canggu to Karang Boma Cliff it should take 1 and a half hours. Sometimes it can take around 2 hours to get there depending on Bali traffic. We drove to the Uluwatu cliff straight after visiting Bingin Beach which only took 15 minutes.

Follow the directions of your GPS which will lead you along a cobbled road. You’ll come across a red boom gate that you can just drive around. Continue along the cobbled road until you reach an iron gate, which is where you can park the motorcycle. The pathway to the cliff is to the right and is less than a 5 minute walk along the dirt track.

UPDATE 2018: We’ve been told that the locals have blocked off the cobble stone road leading to the cliff, so you will either have to walk 15 minutes or pay 40K IDR for a scooter transfer.

Where to stay in Bali 

There are plenty of popular areas to stay in Bali. For people looking for a base or villa to rent for a while, Canggu is the perfect spot with cafes and restaurants right near the beach. If you’re on holiday for a short amount of time and looking for a hotel, then Kuta or Seminyak is great for clubs, bars and cheap shopping. While in Bali we stayed at Riyuri Guesthouse in Canggu. They have beautiful rooms in a great location so we definitely recommend checking them out!

↠ Check availability: Bali accommodation.

Karang Boma Cliff Costs

There are no parking or entrance fees at this Uluwatu cliff spot.

UPDATE 2018: We’ve heard that you will have to pay 100K IDR to fly your drone, as well as pay the 40K IDR for a scooter transfer.

karang boma cliff - uluwatu cliff spot - lolapan travels

What to Expect at Karang Boma Cliff

Karang Boma Cliff is already starting to catch the eyes of some tourists thanks to Instagram. At the moment, this location is popular among photographers and locals watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean. This place is the busiest during sunset so if your not after the golden lighting, head there during the day for some peace and quiet.

The edge of the cliff where the photo is taken is easily accessible. There is a small dirt pathway leading up to the cliffs edge. Karang Boma Cliff is very high and there are no support barriers so be careful. Once at the viewpoint you’ll see picturesque views of the Uluwatu coastline.

This location really is a perfect spot to watch the sunset. To no surprise, we saw a group of locals enjoying a beer and listening to some music. Appreciate the stunning scenery and listen to the waves as they crash below for a perfect end to any day.

karang boma cliff - uluwatu cliff spot - lolapan travels

karang boma cliff - uluwatu cliff spot - lolapan travels

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  1. Sabine
    September 21, 2018 / 8:47 am

    Maybe you could update your blogpost 🙂
    There is still no entry fee, but the locals blocked the street to the cliff so you have to walk around 15 minutes or pay 40k for a scooter transfer. If you want to bring your drone with you, there is an extra fee of 100k.

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