Kawasan Falls Cebu – The Most Famous Waterfall in the Philippines

kawasan falls cebu - philippines waterfalls - lolapan travels

Kawasan Falls Cebu is one of the most iconic waterfalls in the Philippines with its incredible Gatorade blue water, popular canyoneering experiences and its unique hidden levels behind the waterfall. You’ll want to spend all day at Kawasan falls!

Kawasan Falls Cebu opening hours / Best time of day to visit

The waterfall is open from 7am so if you want to beat the crowds it’s best to get there as soon as it opens. We arrived at 7:30am and there were already a few other photographers. By 9am its full of people swimming so there’s no chance of getting a good photo with no one in it.

Where to stay

We visited Kawasan Falls from our accommodation in Moalboal near Panagsama Beach. There are a variety of accommodation options with many resorts offering scuba diving lessons. For a budget option, you can try the central located hostel Chief Mau Moalboal Cebu. There aren’t many high end resorts in the area, although you can try Oceanfront Paradise Resort which has its own pool and overlooks the beach.

↠ Check availability: Moalboal accommodation

How to get to Kawasan Falls Cebu

The entrance for the waterfall is located on the right side of Sto. Tomas De Villanueva Parish Church, be sure to keep your eyes out for signs. The walk from the carpark takes about 10 – 15 minutes and its an easy footpath to follow.

  1. Motorbike – From Moalboal we drove 40 minutes on a motorbike directly to the waterfall.  If you put Kawasan falls into your GPS it might take you to the canyoneering entrance which is much further and not the proper entrance to the waterfall. Instead, follow your GPS to the Sto. Tomas De Villanueve Parish Church and you’ll see big signs saying Kawasan Falls. The locals are very helpful so you can also ask them if you get a bit lost. The entrance is right next to the church so its easy to miss. We payed 30 pesos to park our bike at the carpark beside the church.
  2. Tricycle – You can access the waterfall by the local Filipino transport called tricycles. Each tricycle driver might give you a different price so don’t accept the first offer. It should cost around 300 pesos for a return trip.
  3. Bus – This is the cheapest way to get to the waterfall. From Moalboal you board the big yellow Ceres liner headed to Bato, this bus will stop directly outside the waterfall. If you’re not sure which bus stop to wait at, you can ask a local and they will help you out. When the bus picks you up it should say Bato in the window but you can also ask the driver. To get a return bus you wait on the opposite side of the road and hail the bus over when you see it, but always be sure to ask if it goes to your location.

Entrance fee 

The cost of entry is 40 peso per person. When you arrive to the waterfall you will see lots of tables for you to put your belongings on. These tables cost 300 peso for the whole day or you can rent a locker for 150 peso. There is also food available at the falls so you can enjoy a meal while admiring the beauty of the waterfall.

kawasan falls cebu - philippines waterfalls - lolapan travels

Hidden Levels at Kawasan Falls Cebu

On the left of the main waterfall you will see stairs which take you up to the different levels. Each location is uniquely beautiful and its great to spend the day exploring them. You will also be asked by many tour guides if you want to do canyoneering. This is a unique way to trek through the canyon and access the different levels of the waterfall by jumping off rocks and swimming between boulders.

On the second level of the waterfall there are additional tables and food stalls for you to relax at. Keep following the path along the stream and you’ll soon reach the final level where the falls begin, which kind of looks like a small reservoir.

kawasan falls cebu - philippines waterfalls - lolapan travels

kawasan falls cebu - philippines waterfalls - lolapan travels

kawasan fallscebu - philippines waterfalls - lolapan travels

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