Koh Nang Yuan Island – You Need To Visit This Beautiful Island!

koh nang yuan island - lolapan travels - best things to do in Koh Tao

Koh Nang Yuan Island is the ultimate slice of paradise that you need to visit at least once in your lifetime. Koh Nang Yuan is actually made up of three tiny islands connected by a giant sandbar. It’s only a short boat ride from Koh Tao and it’s the perfect location for a day trip.

How to get to Koh Nang Yuan Island 

To get to Koh Tao, we used 12Go to book a ferry from Koh Samui. 12Go is a super cheap and reliable way to get around Thailand and other popular Southeast Asian countries.

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Koh Nang Yuan Island is roughly a 10-15 minute boat ride from the west side of Koh Tao. Make your way to Sairee Beach and you’ll see plenty of boat taxis available. The boat drivers start taking people over from 9am, however the island doesn’t open until 10am. The taxi boat will cost you 250Baht per person for a return trip. You’ll also have to let the driver know a return time for them to come pick you up.

Where to stay 

There are a variety of places to stay on Koh Tao. There are budget accommodation options spread out all over the island, although the most popular place to stay is along the west close to Sairee Beach. If you’re looking for a quiet place to stay, a popular guesthouse is Happy Bungalow. It’s located at the quiet end of the beach so you can get away from the loud bars and markets. If you’re looking to stay closer to the action, you can try Indie Hostel.

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Entrance fee

There is an entrance fee of 100Baht per person. Additionally, they ask you not to bring in any plastic onto the island. This includes plastic water bottles so you’ll have to buy water from a reusable glass bottle on the island.

Koh Nang Yuan opening hours

Koh Nang Yuan Island opens from 10am and closes at 5pm.

koh nang yuan island - lolapan travels

What to expect 

When you first arrive on the island you’ll probably want to head to the viewpoint first to avoid the crowds. It’s only a short 15 minute hike up some stairs, although the heat and humidity can be tough to deal with. The panoramic view of the connecting islands is incredible and there are some great opportunities for photos. Alternatively, you can do the hike at the end of the day as people are starting to leave and the air is a little cooler.

koh nang yuan island - lolapan travels

After sweating it out on the walk, head back down to the beautiful beach to enjoy the crystal clear water and powdery white sand. There is a shallow side where you’ll find most people relaxing and enjoying the refreshing ocean water. The other side is more popular for snorkeling due to the shallow reefs. The reefs are filled with beautiful coral and schools of colourful fish, making it a popular dive site among tourists. Additionally, the water is calm and incredibly clear so anyone can give it a go.

koh nang yuan island - lolapan travels

Around midday, the beach becomes packed and you’ll see plenty of orange life jacks floating around. You can head away from the crowds and explore along the rocks and sketchy wooden walkways to find yourself some secluded areas.

koh nang yuan island - lolapan travels

koh nang yuan island - lolapan travels

There is just one resort located on Koh Nang Yuan so only guests have access to the island outside of the opening hours. It gets very busy during the day so be sure to head there as soon as it opens for the best chance at getting quiet photos. There is also a restaurant selling food and drinks. However we recommend trying to hold out until you get back as the prices on Koh Nang Yuan Island can be fairly expensive.

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