Koh Phangan Waterfalls – Top 3 Waterfalls On Koh Phangan

Exploring Koh Phangan Waterfalls are a great activity while visiting the island. If you visit in the right season, you’re sure to experience some powerful falls and different rock pools. During dry season, the waterfalls don’t contain much water unless there has been a recent downpour of rain.

Koh Phangan Waterfalls

1. Wang Sai Waterfall

koh phangan waterfalls - wang sai waterfall koh phangan - lolapan travels

Wang Sai Waterfall was one of our favourite Koh Phangan Waterfalls. We unfortunately visited all these waterfalls during dry season which means there was almost no water at all. Although, even without water, Wang Sai was an awesome place to explore. We can only imagine that it would be even better during wet season. This waterfall is uniquely located in an adventure park and consists of multiple small rock pools which lead you to a larger swimming hole. The large light rocks also make it easy to explore and are an awesome backdrop to the waterfall.

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2. Paradise Waterfall

Paradise Waterfall Koh Phangan - Koh Phangan waterfalls - lolapan travels

Paradise Waterfall wasn’t much of a waterfall when we visited, although it is one of the cooler experiences we had when visiting the Koh Phangan Waterfalls. This waterfall is more of a large swimming hole surrounded by tall trees. The only flowing water was a slow stream which trickled down the side of some rocks. It was filled with many locals and foreigners having a go on the rope swing. It may not be the prettiest but it’s an awesome spot to relax and hang out with friends and to cool down in the refreshing pool. The great vibes and local kids having fun in the water will put a smile on your face!

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3. Phaeng Waterfall

Phaeng Waterfall Koh Phangan - koh phangan waterfalls - lolapan travels

Phaeng Waterfall is a jungle walk consisting of multiple waterfalls and streams. During wet season, this waterfall would be the biggest and most powerful. Although if you’re visiting during the hot season, you might be slightly disappointed. Phaeng Waterfall is more like a dense national park consisting of three different large waterfalls and one viewpoint. If the falls don’t have any water then you can take the hike up the the viewpoint. All of the falls consist of large boulders and jungle greenery which would be an amazing backdrop with flowing water.

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