Lake Bumbunga Pink Lake Adelaide – Incredible Bubble Gum Colours

Lake Bumbunga Pink Lake Adelaide - lolapan travels

Lake Bumbunga is an incredible pink lake located close to Adelaide where you can walk around and explore the vast flat landscape. Bumbunga Lake is the perfect spot to add to your road trip or even just for a day trip from Adelaide.

How to get to Lake Bumbunga

The pink lake is located in the small town of Lochiel, which is only a 1 hour and 30 minute drive away from Adelaide. The lake is just beside the highway and there are various entry points to get onto the lake. Just look out for viewpoints that have a small pathway leading to the lake. Also, don’t try to take your vehicle onto the lake. It’s only for you to walk on and you’ll probably end up stuck.

Where to Stay

If you head 30 minutes north-east from Lake Bumbunga, you’ll find yourself in the charming wine region of Clare Valley. It’s the closest place to the lake which hosts a variety of bed and breakfast style accommodation options. The Residence B&B is a popular place to stay in Clare Valley because of its great location and modern houses. It’s perfect for couples and even families. The Mill Apartments are also another great choice with scenic views and a central location. If you’re not a fan of staying in the countryside then Adelaide is still a good option.

↠ Check availability: Clare Valley accommodation

What to expect at this Pink Lake near Adelaide

Lake Bumbunga is an incredible and unique attraction. You’re able to walk out onto the pink salt lake and take in the incredible views. We’ve always wanted to see a pink lake in Australia but unfortunately most of them are quite far away or are hard to access. With this pink lake being so close to Adelaide, it’s the perfect spot to check out.

Lake Bumbunga Pink Lake Adelaide - lolapan travels

The lake is super flat for as far as your eye can see. You’re able to walk on the lake as the dried up salt forms a hard layer. However, there are some spots that are muddy. We definitely recommend wearing some old shoes or shoes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. The lake is known to change colour from pink, to white and even blue. The colour depends on the concentration and movement of salt.

When we visited, the lake was dried up and we could even see layers of white salt forming on the surface. It was dark pink when we were there, although we’ve seen plenty of photos where the colour is more bright and vibrant. Lake Bumbunga is also a popular spot for photographers and is a known spot to shoot fashion photos.

Lake Bumbunga Pink Lake Adelaide - lolapan travels

If you’re looking for a unique day trip from Adelaide, or are doing a South Australia road trip, definitely check this place out for yourself!

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