Lincolns Rock Blue Mountains – Breathtaking Panoramic Mountain Views

lincolns rock blue mountains - lolapan travels - Instagrammable Places In Sydney

Lincolns Rock Blue Mountains is an unfenced lookout area that is super easy to access. The lookout provides breathtaking views over the mountain landscape. It’s only a 2 minute walk from the carpark which you can’t beat for a view like that!

How to get to Lincolns Rock Blue Mountains 

Lincolns Rock is located in the Blue Mountains, just a 1.5 hours drive from the centre of Sydney. The easiest way to get there is to drive yourself, however you can also get a train. The closest train station is Wentworth Falls Station. From the station it will take you roughly 50 minutes to walk. If you drive, there is a carpark area right beside the rock viewpoint. From here it’s only a 2 minute walk.

Where to stay  

There are a few small towns within the Blue Mountains so you will be able to find accommodation all throughout here. One of the cheapest places to stay close to Lincolns Rock is Rest Easy Motel. For a luxury escape in the Blue Mountains, you can also check out Mountainside B & B where you’ll have your own beautiful house to stay in!

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lincolns rock blue mountains - lolapan travels

What to expect

There are no national park entry fees or parking fees so visiting Lincolns Rock is completely free. We also couldn’t believe how close the carpark was to the lookout area. A short walk will lead you to a huge flat rock area. Here you’ll have panoramic views overlooking the Blue Mountains. Lincolns Rock Blue Mountains is an unfenced area and there have been some incidents so be careful around the cliff edge.

lincolns rock blue mountains - lolapan travels

If you look below, you’ll even find the remains of old cars and motorcycles. You’ll also notice that people carve their names and dates into the rock surface. We even saw a couple that had been coming back for over 17 consecutive years which we though was pretty cool!

lincolns rock blue mountains - lolapan travels

Lincolns Rock is a great spot to watch the sun set over the valley or if you want to have the whole place to yourself, be sure to get there early for sunrise. We went at midday and didn’t see as many people as we expected. There are a few tour buses that turn up every now and then but they only stay around for a few minutes before they leave.

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