London Bridge Lookout – Crazy Natural Rock Formation

London Bridge Lookout - lolapan travels

The London Bridge Lookout is one of the best viewpoints on the Mornington Peninsula and is extremely stunning during sunset. The incredible rock formation stands alone on the beach where you can view it from the lookout or explore it from the beach. The formation and cliff edges are extremely weak from the erosion so just be mindful not to climb on certain areas and risk slipping.

How to get to London Bridge Lookout

London Bridge Lookout is located towards the end of the Peninsula. It is roughly a 30-40 minute drive depending on where you’re staying. It’s also an extremely short walk from the carpark to the lookout. Additionally, you can make your way down to the beach and walk around to the rock formation if you want to check it out up close.

Where to stay on the Mornington Peninsula

All the popular spots and beaches on the Mornington Peninsula are located close by. There are limited Mornington Peninsula accommodation options in terms of hotels. However there are plenty of beach houses and camping options available. Those that are looking for luxury can check out RACV Cape Schanck Resort which offers modern rooms and private balconies with beautiful views. There are no budget options like hostels so your cheapest option would be a nearby motel or to camp.

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We stayed on the peninsula for a week and ended up camping at Rosebud Foreshore Camping which cost us $100 for 7 nights. There are hot showers and bathrooms and it’s even walking distance from the beach.

What to Expect

As you walk to the lookout, you might even be lucky to spot some paragliders hovering above the coastline. The London Bridge Lookout is right beside the carpark. The lookout provides some incredible panoramic views of the rugged coastline as well as the endless ocean. You’ll be able to spot the London Bridge rock formation below and the various rock pools. The rock formation is made up of sandstone which has eroded from the wind over thousands of years.

London Bridge Beach - lolapan travels

You can also make your way down to the beach to get up closer and wander inside. The unique dome like structure is impressive up close. You’ll be able to spot the incredible details and patterns along the rocks from the erosion. Additionally, there is a small opening in the wall that looks out onto the crashing waves.

The sun sets right behind the rock formation and the nearby cliffs provide the perfect vantage point to watch the sun go down. We spent some time exploring around the rock pools at sunset, searching for the perfect reflections before making our way up along the cliff. We definitely recommend visiting this spot at either sunrise or sunset to enjoy the best lighting conditions!

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